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Sunday, March 27, 2022


(Taipei) The Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) launched in both Taipei and Kaohsiung as a hybrid on Mar. 22nd  until Mar. 26th as twin events for the first time. They are hosted under the topic of “Digital Transformation Takes Smart Cities to New Heights”, featuring smart solutions across healthcare, transportation, building, education, and sustainability from over 450 exhibitors, including 12 cities’ pavilions with over 1,500 booths in total. Nearly 60 professional forums will be exploring hot topics like metaverse, 5G smart poles, digital transformation of businesses, and the economic transformation of cities.

Over the past 8 years, the SCSE aims to raise the awareness among city leaders across the world to build up smart cities for the best welfare of the citizens. At the same time, it is also crucial to drive the growth of IoT industry while developing smart cities. Since its first edition in 2014, SCSE has become the largest smart city tradeshow in Asia-Pacific, and even debut the twin events as SCSE@Taipei and SCSE@Kaohsiung to carry out the visions of “Tech Island Taiwan” and showcase the advantages of local industries and ecosystems in both cities.

One of the pavilion is "METAEDU” - the education topic which is the essential elements of a city and carry an important role of the development. META stands for transcendence, symbolizing multiple changes; EDU is the abbreviation of education, METAEDU stands for future education, and will use a variety of digital hybrid technologies and application services to build a multi-level virtual reality integration world, and this exhibition area is also in this spirit. The exhibition area will arrange 8 live shows of various and vivid digital learning courses in 4 days.

It is particularly worth mentioning that "Special Multi-Party Interactive Live Streaming Time" at 2:00 pm on March 23 (Wednesday), the team of Professor Weng Yang Siqian of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was arranged to bring out sustainable issues with SDGs and use Taiwan EdTech 50 high-quality manufacturer services Yuan Yingyue read the content of Yin Yue, Manhua Technology and coding bar to lead Kenyan teachers and students to learn computational thinking. Through this multi-party cooperation and long-distance live interactive teacher training method, the energy of Taiwan's smart learning industry is brought to the classrooms of university teachers and students in Kenya, Africa, and the innovative Taiwan smart learning industry integration output model is actually exhibited!

In order to expand the benefits of the exhibition, the Smart City Online exhibition will continue to be displayed until the end of 2022.

(, other exciting content and information of the exhibition area can also be continuously tracked


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