Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brainly that aims to share knowledge is now available in the Philippines

Brainly, a social learning network that connects over 22 million students in the atmosphere of friendliness and teamwork, will now revolutionize the way of studying and learning also in the Philippines, at It unites all children: from traditional schools, those homeschooled and distance learning students.

How it works? It's simple: first you have to help others by answering their questions, then you gain points, which can be spend on posting your question. For example, one can help the other pupil with English and then ask a question from Mathematics, because everyone has different strong and weak sides.

Here’s the Brainly Infographics

Educational social networks are the answer for many current problems, like unequal access to the education or the fact that children now spend most of their free time in the Internet. What makes Brainly special is that it is attractive for pupils, teachers and parents. Children have fun from learning, exchanging knowledge and meeting new friends. They also enjoy elements of gamification: points, rankings and achievements (the best users receive additional points for providing a clear, complete and well-explained answer). Parents and teachers appreciate that Brainly is a real support for learning and that there are hundreds of volunteered moderators (students, specialists, parents and teachers) who care about the quality of both questions and answers.

Michał Borkowski, Brainly CEO says: “We are happy to see how thanks to the hard work of our team, the idea of social learning is getting to students in all corners of the world”. Within the next weeks, apart from Philippines, Brainly will launch 7 more versions on 3 continents, including 2 more in Asia.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Giada release its DIY Barebone D310 Mini PC

Giada officially released the new and versatile Giada D310 - the “Do-it-yourself” barebones system can be custom built for the consumer’s personal preferences and transform it into their personal customized dream machine.
Giada D310 Mini PC

The Giada D310 is integrated with Intel® Celeron processor 1037U , for fast and efficient operation of your daily computer functions. The DIY function enables the user to easily install and dismantle the PC with minimum effort. Two screws are available to dismantle the PC, and a different screw can be used to manually upgrade the storage level of accordingly to the user’s requirements.

With its small dimensions (236mm x 182mm x 50mm) and slim built, the D310 is about one-eighth in size of a normal bulky PC,  hence, making it extremely portable and lightweight. Microsoft DirectX® 11 and full HD support delivers cinema-like quality and supports video resolutions up to 1080 pixels, transforming the D310 into a complete home theatre PC.
Structured in a sleek, black design, it comes with a power on button with LED power display lending a certain elegance and aesthetic touch to it.
Giada D310 Mini PC

The D310 barebone could support up with 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM and 2.5’ SATA III type SSD HDD drive. To deal with network connectivity, it is supported with 1xGB Ethernet for uninterrupted data transfer and audio/video streaming.  The D310 supports 6 USB 2.0 ports which are available at the rear end of the machine. The onboard IR module with infrared sensor can be used to control the entertainment system with a remote control which comes optional and can be bought separately.  The D310 comes with a multitude of up to 5 audio ports, infused with 5.1 surround sound HDMI audio channels for dynamic sound and high audio fidelity.  Its smart fan cooling system and low power consumption features ensures it works silently, making it an eco-friendly machine.

The D310 is compatible with Windows® XP, 7 and 8 Pro operating systems, and is integrated with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology (optional), providing security and protection from corruption of the user’s important data. The D310 is available at an affordable range and is a definite buyer’s deal for packing powerful features in a mini-sized PC.

Giada D310 Mini PC Specs:
Giada D310 Mini PC

Price: 1 year warranty and with the price of US$169 (estimated/converted to Php 7,495.15 as of April 16, 2014)

Distributor: GTI Software, Cebu, Philippines, Tel: +63 32 273-7540, email: | PC Basis Corporation, Manila, Philippines, Tel: +63 262 362 73

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Giada website (click here).

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Graduating to the Fastlane with Nokia X in hand

Nokia exhibited life in the fastlane this graduation season as it teamed up with hardworking students and models who are always on the go.
Nokia X Fastlane 
Emil Khodaverdi in his graduation toga

Despite having the X factor, they always strive to strike a good balance among their different priorities, such as their academics and co-curricular engagements, career paths, and of course, family and social lives. To document how these individuals keep up with their fast paced lives, friends from Nokia Philippines made them try out the new Nokia X, a beautifully crafted smartphone with Nokia’s signature design approach and bold, bright colors.
Nokia X Fastlane
Charlie Sutcliffe smiling to the 3MP camera of Nokia X in Benguet

With the Nokia X in hand, Charlie Sutcliffe, Gianna Llanes, Henry Edwards, Carmela Fortuna, Maqui Castello, Ira Gioretti, Emil Khodaverdi, Kelsey Merritt, Cat Triviño, and Daniel Velasco showed their families, friends, and supporters how they continue to enjoy living in the fastlane, despite everything being on hyper drive.
Ira Gioretti with his sister who just graduated and his mom

For 10 days, as these 10 models prepared for the end of the school year events and personal activities, the Nokia X allowed them to take and upload selfies and other photos of those moments in a flash.
Nokia X Fastlane
Gianna Llanes takes her first Nokia X selfie

Their #FastlanePerfeXion posts came with personal insights and learnings on how to cope with living in the fast lane. Kelsey, who studies at the Ateneo de Manila and sometimes jumps from a class to a photo shoot, then back to another class later in the day, advised fresh graduates to “stay fit no matter how stressful college can be.”  She adds, “It's very important to balance school and work. Time management is key!”
Nokia X Fastlane
Kelsey Merritt showing that education is also the fastlane to success

Posting hundreds of selfies, they also helped retain the Philippines’ “selfie capital of the world” title. Charlie, also a host of TV show, “Juan Direction” with other half-Filipinos, loved the Nokia X’s bright colors and was happily surprised with the equally beautiful photos taken with its 3MP camera during his location shoot in Benguet.

The Nokia X is the perfect introduction to the world of Android apps, coupled with signature Nokia experiences, such as HERE Maps, with true offline maps and integrated turn-by-turn navigation, and the most popular Microsoft services, including Outlook and free cloud storage using OneDrive. All devices are also pre-loaded with a variety of very popular third-party apps and games.
Nokia X Fastlane
Maqui Castelo with the white Nokia X
Maqui Castelo, student, and awarded by a youth magazine as “Candy Cutie”, said, “I liked how it had boardgames from my childhood as apps, such as Monopoly and the Game of Life. Definitely something to look forward to.”

With its two home screens: home, which features a fresh, tile-based design, and Fastlane, the Nokia X also always gave the students and models the green light to quickly access their favorite apps.

Gianna, student, and winner of the recent MYX VJ 2014 hunt said, “What I like about Fastlane is that it presented me with app updates, missed calls, and new messages. The feature is like my own personal assistant!” Ira, also a fashion blogger, stylist, and photographer, agreed and added, “Fastlane is a great answer for those who need to streamline their notifications and are tired of checking multiple applications to see the latest updates. Such an amazing time saver!”

Graduating to the fastlane doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. With a little help from friends, and gadgets which can help you manage and organize your activities, the experience can actually be fun and colorful.
Nokia X Fastlane
The Nokia X is now available in bright green, bright red, black, and white for an affordable SRP of Php 5,990.

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NVIDIA Photorealistic Digital Models with Iray VCA

NVIDIA introduced a GPU rendering appliance that dramatically accelerates ray tracing, enabling professional designers to interact with computer models of such high visual fidelity that it can largely replace the lengthy, costly process of building physical prototypes.
NVIDIA with Iray VCA
The NVIDIA® Iray® Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) combines hardware and software to greatly accelerate the work of NVIDIA Iray -- a photorealistic renderer integrated into leading design tools like Dassault Systèmes' CATIA and Autodesk's 3ds Max. Because the appliance is scalable, multiple units can be linked, speeding up by hundreds of times or more the simulation of light bouncing off surfaces in the real world.

As a result, automobiles and other complex designs can be viewed seamlessly at high visual fidelity from all angles. This enables the viewer to move around a model while it's still in the digital domain, as if it were a 3D physical prototype.
NVIDIA with Iray VCA

"Iray VCA lets designers do what they've always wanted to -- interact with their ideas as if they were already real," said Jeff Brown, vice president and general manager of Professional Visualization and Design at NVIDIA. "It removes the time-consuming step of building prototypes or rendering out movies, enabling designs to be explored, tweaked and confirmed in real time. Months, even years -- and enormous cost -- can be saved in bringing products to market."

NVIDIA is working with all software companies that license Iray technology about adding support for Iray VCA. At this week's GPU Technology Conference, Iray VCA is being shown powering a range of applications, including Bunkspeed Drive, from RTT; Iray for Maya, from 0x1 Software; and Iray+ for 3ds Max, from Lightwork Design.

Understanding Critical Design Issues
Prior to Iray VCA, design teams have typically relied on workstations using one or two GPUs to create 3D visual models. The most sophisticated solutions, involving clusters of machines, have limited interactive quality or require the creation of movies of product designs. And both prevent a full understanding of critical design issues, such as undesirable reflections on a windshield.

Iray VCA delivers unprecedented rendering performance using eight of NVIDIA's most powerful GPUs, each with 12GB of graphics memory, which together deliver 23,040 CUDA® architecture cores. It has both 10GigE and InfiniBand connections, so rendering clusters of multiple Iray VCAs can be easily built up over time. Its exclusive Iray cluster-management software dynamically allocates Iray VCAs to meet the demands of the day's workload.

Iray VCAs can be conveniently located in an IT center and serve their rendering power on demand, while requiring little or no technical support.

Honda an Early Adopter
Honda Research and Development's styling design department is an initial user, with a prototype cluster made up of 25 nodes to refine styling designs on future cars."For our styling design requirements, we developed specialized tools that run alongside our RTT global standard platform," said Daisuke Ide, system engineer at Honda Research and Development. "Our TOPS tool, which uses NVIDIA Iray on our NVIDIA GPU cluster, enables us to evaluate our original design data as if it were real. This allows us to explore more designs so we can create better designs faster and more affordably."

Product Availability
Iray VCA systems will be available starting in summer through a global VAR network of certified system integrators, including CADnetwork, Fluidyna, IGI and migenius. Pricing is $50,000 in North America, and includes an Iray license and the first year of maintenance and updates.

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