Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GIADA displays the new mini-ITX EN-N2807DL Motherboard

Giada is pleased to announce the release of the EN-N2807DL, a mini-ITX motherboard with CPU on board (Intel Bay Trail SoC). These boards are small and efficient, measuring only 3.5 inch in size with a fanless embedded CPU that consumes very low power. This powerful motherboard is designed for digital signage, IPC and rugged industrial environments that have minimal cooling and require high uptime.
Giada Motherboard
The GIADA EN-N2807DL is the latest in all-in-one board that takes advantage of the optimized performance of Intel’s Bay Trail chipset by delivering a new generation of technology with value-added features and easy integration. It uses next-generation Intel Celeron N2807 Processor with Max TDP 4.3W. A large heat sink covers both the processor and chipset for a silent, fan-less design featuring low power consumption.

The processor is wired to one DDR3L SO-DIMM slot supporting single-channel DDR3 with up to 4GB memory. Intel N2807 is the chipset employed with dual Intel GbE ports clocked at 2.16 GHz. In comparison to other motherboard processors in the market, the EN-N2807DL performs faster connection speed, longer transfer distance and offers more latency and reliability. 

Using high quality solid capacitors and full closed Nickel core inductors, the EN-N2807DL is a robust designed motherboard made to perform long-time stable operations and longevity.

The motherboard's rear I/O features 1 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0 port, 2 x Mini-PCIe slots, 1 x SATAII, 1 x mSATA memory slots, 2 x Intel I211-AT GbE Ports and 5. 1 digital audio HDMI port. It also includes 6 COM ports for more device connectivity.

The EN-N2807DL features the unique JAHC technology with auto power on/off operation that immediately powers on when connected to a power source. The processor can also be powered by RTC scheduled power on feature that enables power management through a scheduled time. The EN-N2807DL is the perfect solution for all your computing needs.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Giada website (click here).

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Monday, April 13, 2015

KINGMAX overclocking DRAM-DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM

The DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM overclocking memory module from KINGMAX is the best wingman a gamer can have! It supports Intel XMP 2.0 and can have 2 SPD settings so players can try more configurations.

Although DDR4 memories are not downward compatible with DDR2 and DDR3 modules, they offer more significant advantages. With higher clock frequency, DDR4 delivers a faster transmission rate; high performance with low-power consumption and low latency reflects the product’s eco-friendly features. Coupled with FBGA packaged memory die, the capacity of the memory module has also been increased from 4GB to 16GB to better accommodate consumers’ needs.
DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM uses high-performance, nano-grade compound as a thermal paste to rapidly remove heat from the surface of IC dies. The product is a light-weight alternative that offers superior cooling performance compared to typical heat sinks. Laboratory tests reveal that memory modules with traditional heat sinks can go up to 40~45°C in working temperature when overclocked. In contrast, memory modules with Nano Thermal Dissipation Technologies deliver significantly better cooling results at working a temperature of 38±1°C. The special cooling design on the DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM improves the performance of the memory module as well. Thanks to KINGMAX's patented "Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology, " the module has a lighter, sleeker appearance that reduces working temperature by 10% without extra cooling fins. The latest generation of DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM even comes with the option of data rate selection (2800, 3000, 3200, and 3400 MT/s) to provide enhanced performance and even higher speed!

To give back to the enthusiast market it started in, KINGMAX now offers high-end DRAM products are consumer-friendly prices so more people can experience the fun of gaming and the thrill of speed.

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Silicon Power launches Blazing-Fast 3.0 Mobile X31

Silicon Power releases the Super-speed USB 3.0 OTG flash drive Mobile X31. Engineered with the dual-interface of a micro-USB and a USB 3.0 connector, Mobile X31 includes all the capabilities of USB flash drives, USB cables and memory cards, making itself the multi-functional device for different kinds of storage needs. Inheriting the unique designs, Mobile X31 features exclusive 360°-swivel cap and compact size that allow users an easier method to store and use with just a thumb push. Incorporating the advantages of instant storage expansion, fast data transmission and user-friendly operation, Mobile X31 offers a total solution for mobile storage.
Silicon Power Mobile X31
Perfect Match USB 3.0 OTG with 360° swivel-cap design
Overwhelmed by the widespread trend of mobile devices, people depend on such devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to fulfill various needs for work, leisure and entertainment. Therefore, transfer speed has become the deciding point in the next mobile generation. SP Mobile X31 adopts SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, a pain-killer for slow data transfer rate between devices, improving life quality of professional users such as photographers, gamers and businessmen. To accomplish safer and easier user experiences, SP Mobile X31 applies the intelligent 360° swivel-cap design, which can protect the USB/ microUSB connector while it is not in use and meanwhile, allows users to operate the drive with just a simple thumb push without worries about cap loss. SP Mobile X31 also stands out with the sophisticated material combination of metal and plastic, delivering the succinct and dashing style for modern users on the go. Furthermore, with extremely small and featherweight casing, it can be easily carried around and save commuters and traveling people a lot of trouble.

Don’t Worry about Space, Be Happy with Mobile X31
Instead of getting annoyed by weak Internet signals or different kinds of cables, you can make use of Mobile X31 to copy and transfer files among various devices via only one compact USB flash drive. Just plug and store, then you can get more space for every precious moment. For Android™ devices supporting USB OTG, SP also developed a free-download App SP File Explorer to enhance efficiency in file management. SP File Explorer enables automatic files categorization function and offers “one-touch backup” by which you can backup files from phone memory or memory card with a simple touch only. With the application of COB (Chip-on-board) technology, it provides complete protection against vibration. In order to satisfy users’ different needs for storage capacity, Mobiles X31 is now available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and is backed by a lifetime warranty. All Silicon Power USB flash drive products come with SP Widget application software which provides seven major back up and security tools and a 60-day trial version of NIS (Norton Internet Security). Furthermore, SP also provides users with the Recuva File Recovery which allows users to easily rescue the deleted files including digital photos, documents, music and videos.

Mobile X31 Product Features:
- SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transferring interface
- Intelligent 360° swivel-cap design, no worries about cap loss
- Support data transmission between Android Smart Handheld Devices (microUSB) and PCs (USB)
- Plug and play, no cables required
- Sturdy metal exterior with stylish plastic cap
- COB (Chip-on-board) technology for vibration proof
- Mini and lightweight, easy to carry and store
- Exclusive free-download file management App
- SP File Explorer
- Recuva File Recovery, allowing recovery of erased files, such as digital photos, documents, music and videos

Mobile X31 Product Specifications:
- Size: 33.0 x 12.3 x 8.1 mm
- Weight: 3.3 g
- Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
- Color: Silver & Black
- Material: Metal / Plastic
- Interface: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Compatible / micro-USB 2.0 (Charging is not supported)
- Supported OS Operation Systems
PC - Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS 10.3.x, Linux 2.6.x
Mobile device - Android 4.1.X* / windows phone 8* (*For mobile devices that support OTG functions)
- Certification: CE/FCC/BSMI/Green dot/WEEE/RoHS/KCC
- Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Just buy any SP microSD to draw X31’s 2.0 USB OTG flash drive for smart devices!
Silicon Power Mobile X31
Where to Buy: SAMSUNG Experience Store in Greenhills, or find out the nearest ePhone stores around you from now-30th/April

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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Giada at Retail World Asia 2015

Giada Retail World Asia 2015

Giada, the industry leader in Mini PC, embedded systems and expert of Small & Medium Enterprise servers, will fascinate your eyes with best-in-class Mini PC, Server and IPC motherboard product lineup at Retail World Asia 2015 in Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Center from April 22nd to 23rd. Retail World Asia exhibition hosts local and global solution providers and is attended by decision makers from across the region, the event is unrivalled across Asia in scale and experience.

In 2014, Giada stood out with a rich blend of features and technologies and is now making great strides to extend its product lines with server, Mini PC and IPC motherboards.  In the first quarter of 2015, an enhanced product lineup of Giada Mini PC and server will make their debut at Retail World Asia 2015, delivering the “WOW” experience to visitors, hardware enthusiasts, as well as industry insiders and peoples searching for professional solutions.

At first place, Giada shines the spotlight on its newly introduced server products. The 2-bay Micro Server barebone GT200 adopts the high-performance Intel® Celeron® Processor 1037U, with increased computing speed while greatly decreasing the total power-consumption. The upgraded 4-bay version GT400 can be utilized as private cloud data center, print server, web server and ERP server by supporting file sharing, encryption and backups, fully fulfills the demand of the small and medium enterprise.  Also a series of own-developed Intel-based server motherboards will be presented at Giada booth.

Apart from the server and server motherboards, Giada will bright up the show with its enhanced mini PC series.  Aiming at providing more value-conscious solutions for industry usersfor example, the G320 with 6 screens support, ideal for high resolution digital signage market, or the fanless barebone series F300 which can be applied at industrial control fields, as well as the thin-client series I200 which shows great potential in virtualization technology applications with outstanding portability.  

In addition, for high-end gamers, the unparalleled gaming series Mini PC D2309U is another star product that you shouldn’t miss. Adopting the Intel® Core™ i7 Skylake Processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX950 GPU, D2309U is the great gaming machine for those who want to ultimate gaming experience. Comparing with the previous generation model D2308U, it will stun the visitors with combination of lightning-fast data processing capability with hyper-realistic and smooth 3D graphics.
Giada Retail World Asia 2015

Come and visit our booth S11 in Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Center from April 22nd to 23rd to get more information about Giada’s new products and solutions!

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Giada website (click here).

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Apacer launches BLADE DDR4 OC Memory Module

Apacer launches cross-generation DDR4 flagship – “BLADE” DDR4 overclocking memory module, which is compatible with Intel® Haswell-E processor and X99 chipset and boasts a clock rate up to 3300 MHz, providing unprecedented computing performance and energy-saving efficiency. The unique “saber-type” design of heat spreader achieves excellent heat dissipation efficiency, which ensures stable high-speed computing. Whether in win-lose battles of eSports or fierce overclocking competitions, “BLADE” series always secure players’ victory!
Flagship “BLADE” DDR4 overclocking memory with a clock rate up to 3300 MHz
The industry-wide transition of the system memory as expected by players is to be achieved by Apacer “BLADE” DDR4 overclocking memory module! As a smash hit following “Commando” DDR4 overclocking memory module by Apacer, “BLADE” offers the most powerful weapon in the eSports and overclocking industry with top specifications, and provides eSports experts and overclocking players with more diverse product choices.

The “BLADE” series is well compatible with latest generation Intel® X99 chipset and Haswell-E processor as well as fully compatible with new generation X99 motherboard of leading manufacturers such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock and MSI. Besides, it provides diverse performance options including DDR4 2400/2666/2800/3000/3200/3300 MHz. With the support from Apacer R&D quality and latest technology, both performance and bandwidth are up 50% compared with that of DDR3. In addition, it supports Intel® XMP 2.0 overclocking technology. As a result, desirable overclocking performance can be achieved by simple operation, and everybody can become overclocking expert!

With advanced cross-generation technology, Apacer “BLADE” DDR4 overclocking memory module boasts such advantages as low energy consumption and high reliability, which save energy up to 40% and effectively improve system stability and reliability, making it the best choice for eSports platform and overclocking computer. Available in capacities of 4GB and 8GB, “BLADE” DDR4 can provide a capacity up to 64GB by adopting X99 motherboard, which allows easy processing of latest 3D games or multiple computing.

Saber-type heat dissipation promises excellent performance
Apacer “BLADE” DDR4 overclocking memory module adopts saber-type heat spreader. Its excellent heat dissipation performance brings broader overclocking potential. Besides, it can be equipped with individual machine design to create exclusive “battle” equipment. The built-in heat spreader brings superior heat dissipation performance via the design such as 3D saw and Diamond High Bright Cutting blade. Besides, the weight of metal fins well shows its stability, reliability and trustworthiness, which makes it the prime choice for new generation game player and over-clocking experts!

Specifications of Apacer “BLADE” DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

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