Sunday, December 4, 2016

Apacer’s NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory Overclocking Performance in GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming UHD

Apacer’s NOX DDR 4 SO-DIMM gaming memory is an advanced module that performs at up to 3000MHz with advanced specifications. Launched just a year ago, its leading position remains unrivaled to date despite the fast-changing nature of the industry.
Laptops and MINI PCs for gaming purposes have garnered growing interest in the market, but how to maintain cooling in a narrow space is a huge challenge for component and system makers.  Apacer’s DDR4 SO-DIMM gaming memory module recently ran a performance test with GIGABYTE’s BRIX GAMING UHD, a mini-PC with desktop performance. With a successful and stable clock speed up to 3200MHz, the result shows NOX is undoubtedly the most ideal choice to support this barebones kit, or any other type of its kind.
Still the Unchallenged Leader in the Market
Apacer’s NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM is the first memory module with 3000MHz clock-rates with 64GB capacity, currently the highest in the market. The specification has remained at the topmost position since its initial launch a year ago.
NOX DDR4’s memory kits come with performance options of 2400MHz, 2666MHz, 2800MHz, and 3000MHz. Every NOX is strictly produced with quality MLC and chip components. It is also capable of operating at low power consumption of 1.2V with excellent cooling.  Designed to withstand 120°C heat while running at full performance within the space constraints of a laptop or a mini PC, NOX maintains undisrupted fluidity and efficiency even after long hours.

Overclocking with 39% Boost
Tests prove that the presence of NOX is truly empowering. When NOX is installed in the GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming UHD, the result is a leap of performance: stable operation at 3200MHz when overclocking.  Compared to regular laptop memories that run at 2133MHz, this represents a 39% overall capacity improvement. 
Apacer NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM is an award winner of 2016 Taiwan Excellence and a proud manifestation of Apacer’s advancement in memory. It is designed to accommodate to high-tier small computers, especially gaming laptops, advanced business laptops, and mini gaming PCs.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PNY launches Phantom-1 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD)

PNY Technologies (PNY) has announced the release of the latest model in PNY’s family of next generation Solid State Drives, the cost-effective Phantom-1 Series 2.5” SSD. The Phanton-1 offers a more reliable, faster, durable and energy efficient alternate to traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drives) and continues to push performance boundaries. The SSD provides 20X faster transfer rate than traditional HDD available in the market, so you can transfer and store your digital media files in mere seconds.
PNY Phantom-1 SSD
The Phantom-1 offers a huge memory capacity ranging from 120GB to a massive 960 GB, which allows faster data transfer and smooth operation of intensive computer applications, including high-resolution and HD images and photo editing software.

The Phantom-1 Series boasts a 2.5” SATA III, 6Gb/s interface and is built with trusted TLC Nand technology. It is an excellent choice for an entry-level upgrade from a hard disk drive (HDD). The Phantom-1 Series was designed to be an easy and cost-effective HDD replacement for your existing PC system, helping to realize faster boot times, quicker application launch and better overall system performance. Upgrade your laptop or desktop computer and feel the difference with super-fast OS boot times and speedy application loads.

The Phantom-1 Series is encased in a smooth and sturdy metallic case, which provides protection against any tugs or collisions and is tough and long-lasting. It is an eco-friendly and low power consuming drive that operates smoothly and quietly with minimal power consumption. It is available in black colour with hardback casing. The drive is lightweight and is compact and portable enough for travels and outdoor usage.

It offers exceptional performance up to 550 MB/s seq. read and 520 MB/s seq. write speeds. It also offers 97,000 IOPS Random read / up to 90,000 IOPS Random write. The Phantom-1 Series will be available in a user-friendly price and comes backed with PNY’s limited warranty of 3 years, within the date of purchase.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Transcend’s DDR4 Industrial-Grade Wide Temperature Memory Modules

Transcend proudly presents its new DDR4 industrial-grade wide temperature SO-DIMM and ECC SO-DIMM memory modules. These DDR4 modules offer industrial-grade operating temperature flexibility (-40° to 85°C) and boast superior performance, a small form factor, 1.2V ultra-low power consumption, and excellent reliability. All these features make them perfect for space-constrained industrial PCs (IPC), POS terminals, medical diagnostic equipment, and mini-ITX systems.

Wide Temperature, Reliable Stability for 24/7 Operations
IPCs need to handle, without failing, larger databases for longer periods of time than personal computers. Transcend’s DDR4 industrial-grade memory modules are ruggedized to resist shock, extreme temperatures from -40° to 85°C, and electromagnetic disturbance. The 30u” gold fingers plated on the printed circuit board significantly improve module stability and durability. In addition, the DDR4 ECC SO-DIMMs are equipped with two robust error correcting codes including Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) for data reliability and on-chip parity detection for the integrity of commands and addresses. These features make them ideal for use in IPCs.
Transcend Wide Temperature Memory Modules
Transcend’s DDR4 industrial-grade modules are constructed of high-quality DRAM chips, delivering stable performance and durability. Additionally, the DDR4 modules offer high-speed transmission of 2400MHz and up to 19GB/s bandwidth, so that system performance will achieve maximum data transfer speeds.

Lower Power Consumption
Transcend's DDR4 memory modules have an ultra-low operating voltage of 1.2V, reducing the electrical load of the memory bus and consuming up to 20% less power compared to standard 1.5V DDR3 DIMMs. This prolongs the battery life of portable devices and protects the environment by consuming less energy. Furthermore, since each module generates less heat, systems operate with reduced temperatures and overall module reliability is increased.

Stringent Testing for Guaranteed Quality
Transcend’s DDR4 industrial-grade memory modules are fully compliant with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards and undergo strenuous 64-bit kernel, single-core, and multi-core testing to ensure the best quality possible. All DDR4 models carry Transcend's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Transcend Wide Temperature Memory Modules

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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Apacer Launches USB 3.1 Gen 1 AH357 & USB 2.0 AH335 Swivel Flash Drives

Apacer released the all-new swivel flash drives USB 3.1 Gen 1 AH357 and USB 2.0 AH335, and used stunning colors to lead the fashion trend. The 360-degree rotating cap can be uncovered within a second and will never fall off. Enjoy the convenient advantage of high speed transmission anywhere and anytime! The maximum storage capacity of AH335 and AH357 reaches up to 64GB, allowing you to carry large numbers of multimedia files to enjoy mobile entertainment. AH357 uses the newest USB 3.1 Gen 1 super speed interface, able to reduce transmission time significantly and bring easier digital lives!
Apacer AH357 & AH335 Swivel Flash Drives
Play with Vivid Colors & Enjoy Digital Convenience
The design team of Apacer used meadow green and ocean blue that represents sunshine and livelihood as the main colors for AH335 and A357, along with a snow-white swivel body and protective cap, displaying bright and colorful vitality and allowing a small digital accessory to attract everyone’s attention. The unique rotating arc cover not only makes it look livelier; it also enhances how it feels in your hand. The swivel cap design allows the convenient advantage of never losing the cap, and it can protect the USB port connector from accumulating dust and wear and tear. The hidden strap hole allows the use of personalized charms, making it easy to carry while displaying unique personal taste. In order to optimize user experience, the surface of the rotating back cover was processed with a special non-slip surface, making it compliant with ergonomic non-slip designs and providing a stable and comfortable grip. All these details show delicate design considerations.
Apacer AH357 & AH335 Swivel Flash Drives
Capacity Selections for Super Speed Transmission
AH357 uses the newest generation USB 3.1 Gen1 high-speed interface, able to quickly transmit large numbers of files, increasing work efficiency and reducing waiting times. AH335 used the USB 2.0 interface and has the widest equipment compatibility, making it the best digital accessory that is both the most practical and has the highest C/P ratio. AH335 and AH357 come in four capacity selections: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, providing diverse selections for users. To enjoy vivid, colorful, flexible and convenient digital life, start from the AH357 and AH335 swivel flash drives!
Apacer AH357 & AH335 Swivel Flash Drives
For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Plextor Redefines High-speed Mobile Storage Standards - EX1 External SSD

Plextor announces its new generation lightweight, slim, and high-speed external solid state drives (SSD) - The Plextor EX1. Built with extreme speeds in mind, we have integrated the latest industry-leading USB Type-C connector with the powerful Plextor high-performance SSD core to provide exceptional data reading/writing speeds; fully enhancing the performance of external storage devices, especially for large-capacity file transfer and backup. Data loss and overheating are some of the known issues to external hard drives with moving mechanical parts, and EX1 is exquisitely designed to be shock-proof, quiet during operation, lightweight, and portable. It also supports mobile storage on Android devices via OTG.
Plextor EX1 External SSD
The speed bottleneck of external storage devices will no longer affect the overall performance of your system. With specifications and design that focuses on speed, the Plextor EX1 is equipped with Plextor's renowned high-performance SSD core, the EX1 offers amazing 550/500 MB/s continuous read/write speeds, respectively, providing data transfer efficiency that is unheard of in traditional flash drives or external hard drives. The EX1’s USB Type-C interface also supports the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard that is capable of transfer speed up to 10-times faster than the USB 2.0 standard.

The EX1's unprecedented data transfer performance allows the external storage to perform at speeds comparable to those of internal devices, which greatly benefits users of ultra-slim laptops and mobile devices as they can instantly expand their storage capacity to run applications or access data directly from the EX1. Tasks such as copying, transferring, or backing up large files, playing/editing ultra-high-definition video clips, or the post-production of high-resolution photos can be done instantaneously at these unprecedented speeds. Users can even launch operating systems and complete databases from the EX1 to streamline their efficiency in terms of both work and play.
Plextor EX1 External SSD
Weighing only 30 grams, the slim and lightweight EX1 is almost as compact as a conventional flash drive. The simple and elegant curved design of the EX1's exterior is available in gold and titanium silver. The package comes with a Type-C to Type-A USB adapter cable, as well as a carrying pouch, which perfectly complement any smartphone, tablet, or laptop to create a mobile storage solution that offers the most professional and stylish experience.

The EX1 will be available in three different capacities (128 / 256 / 512 GB) to choose from, and the entire series comes with a 5-year limited warranty from Plextor.

*The data transfer cable to connect the EX1 to your Android devices for OTG feature has to be purchased separately.

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. Plextor - Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.
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