Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apacer Launches the 3.0 Upgrade Plan to the Future

Apacer Technology announces the Apacer 3.0 upgrade roadmap for 2015 to forecast breakthrough developments and record revenue. Apacer will not only focus on the core business, but will also expand itself under the guidance of 3 key strategies – form strategic industry alliances into the niche market; open up emerging markets to explore new blue oceans; and build up talent supply chain to stabilize corporate roots. These 3 key strategies highlight Apacer's dedication to exploring potential markets and expanding outreach on the global scale.
Market research shows a positive trend in global memory demand in 2015 mainly driven by mobile devices, tablet, and SSD(Solid State Disk) products – whereas SSD's increasing rate of adoption in computers, data centers, and servers also plays a significant factor in this uptrend. With Apacer's deep industry experience and highly customized services winning the acclaim and trust of global partners and clients, its consolidated revenue of 2014 has already exceeded NTD 10 billion as a result of Apacer's demonstrated excellence in the embedded, cloud, mobile, and gaming sectors.

CK Chang, President of Apacer, said, “Apacer is full of hope going into 2015. We innovate with breakthroughs, and we look to conquer the next peak. We are launching Apacer 3.0 plan this year to fully upgrade and expand our business models for the future. Apacer is focusing on global breakthrough developments in 4 major sectors tailored to the regional markets – strategic alliance in the embedded industry, conforming to mobile devices, embracing gaming, and cloud integrated development. We will highlight our advantages to improve our competitiveness and breathe new life into the industry.”

3 Key Strategies Across 4 Industry Sectors to Gain Momentum into 2015
I. Strategic Alliance in the Embedded Industry
Apacer is highly experienced in the embedded industry and has made continuous efforts to enhance its R&D capabilities for long-term growth. Its recent announcement of a strategic alliance with its partner combines the experiences and R&D capabilities of Apacer's SSD with the partner's controller technology to innovate and create synergies. Together, this alliance will discover potential demands and improve competitiveness in the niche market to face the volatile storage market hand-in-hand.

II. Embracing Gaming
Apacer has continued to introduce high-end DDR3, DDR4, and SSD products for the professional gamers in need of speed and in pursuit of identity – for these high-end equipment are designed for the gaming enthusiasts and overclockers alike. The Apacer gaming series will debut for the greater Chinese market this year to introduce exceptional performance with personal identity designed specifically for the gamers. Gamers can expect higher standards in performance, graphics, and cooling solutions in a whole new package.

III. Comforming to Mobile Devices
The wide spread popularity of mobile devices around the world has also greatly driven the demand for peripheral products in consumers. Apacer is introducing the practical and fashionable peripheral product series for the consumers to reveal personal taste. Recent development in wireless charging is leading way for manufactures of electric vehicles, game consoles, and consumer electronics to introduce the technology into their products, and mobile device makers are of no exception. Apacer recognizes the potential in wireless charging and will be debuting the series of products and applications for this emerging market. Consumers will soon be living the “wireless” smart lifestyle powered by Apacer.

IV. Cloud Integration
The Internet-of-things (IoT) is going to massively drive up computing and storage solutions, while the industry is merely tailing the market into the cloud, data centers, servers, and other related applications. With its forward-thinking strategy, Apacer offers highly-integrated cloud storage solutions with a focus on niche applications to develop selected markets, well ahead of the competition into the cloud solutions.

Sustainable Corporate Growth Built on Talent Supply Chain
Apacer believes that employees are the most important asset of a corporation and the key to sustainability. Starting from 2015, Apacer initiated the talent supply chain system based on positions and required core competence. Talent development is now closely linked to the strategic goals of the organization to lay a good foundation for sustainable development. Assessment tools are introduced in the process of recruitment, training, performance evaluation, promotion and job assignment to establish a precise talent database to meet the demand of future growth. Furthermore, Apacer will continue to rotate management level personnel to challenge professional managers with more market opportunities and broader platforms for growth and innovation.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

ViewSonic Outs 2015 New Year Special Offer in Philippines

The best time to buy a monitor is now. ViewSonic Corp., today announces the ‘2015 New Year Special Offer’ promotion to highlight the selected 23-inches and larger monitors in Philippines. Customers who purchase the selected ViewSonic monitors during the promotion period are eligible to get a Starbucks gift card for free.
Viewsonic 2015 New Year Special Offer
ViewSonic has successfully expands its display series into the monitor sized 23-inches and larger to satisfy the demand for businesses and entertainment. This series includes products such as intuitive touch screens, edge-to-edge frameless monitors, and audio-visual entertainment models. ViewSonic SuperClear technology delivers amazing, lifelike images in which true colors are beautifully replicated on the screen. The colors you see in real life are accurately depicted on ViewSonic SuperClear monitors, ensuring high-color accuracy and consistency from screen to print. For gaming users, ViewSonic's all-new gaming monitors are designed for an enhanced user experience. With exclusive features like Aim-Point assistant for better FPS gaming accuracy, Flicker-Free Technology, Blue Light Filter and ViewSonic’s Game Mode, ViewSonic innovates to enhance gaming experience. With a complete product range, ViewSonic provides customers with a broader choice of applications, whether it is in the business sector, interactive education, digital signage, or entertainment.

During the promotion period, users who purchase the selected ViewSonic 23” and above selected models, including VX2307S, VX2370Smh, TD2420, VA2446m, VG2439m, VX2452mh, and VX2456Sml, are eligible to get a PHP100 Starbucks gift card.  Users who purchase VX2363Smhl-W and 27” above monitors, VX2703mh, VX2770Sml and VX2858Sml, are eligible to get a PHP200 Starbucks gift card.

For terms and condition, please visit:

For more information about the product(s), please visit the ViewSonic website (click here).

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

ViewSonic unveils New Projector Solutions at ISE 2015

ViewSonic Corp. demonstrated its brand new sleek and streamline design LightStream™ networkable series of projectors at ISE, Europe. The new LightStream™ line delivers the ultimate in True to Life colors in any lighting condition.  Based on the company’s SuperColor technology, the days of sacrificing color accuracy for brightness levels are gone. Ideal for any classroom or meeting room, The new LightStream™ line delivers smart features including ViewSonic’s patent pending PortAll ™ for secured wireless streaming, SonicExpert for enhanced fuller range of integrated sound, an integrated cable management cover and “My Button” auto configuration mode.

Viewsonic Projector Solutions at ISE 2015

The new LightStream™  line features SuperColor™ for higher brightness levels and a true-to-life colour experience in a sleek new form factor. With the company’s unique SuperColor™ 6-Segment Colour Wheel design, and 3,200 – 3,800 lumens of brightness, all LightStream projectors deliver the best colours for an immersive viewing experience in any lighting, such as classrooms, boardrooms, and home entertainment, without sacrificing colour accuracy. Select models include a throw ratio of up to 1.5-1.97 designed to match the 1.5-1.8 throw ratio of 3LCD projectors, users are now able to replace their existing 3LCD projectors easily with ViewSonic DLP LightStream projectors without renovating or redecorating, and to experience a long lasting colours, superior contrast ratios and more affordable running cost.

The new LightStream™ PJD6 Networkable Series of Projectors includes XGA and WXGA resolutions, 15000:1 Dynamic contrast, and a lamp life of 10,000 hours. It delivers smart features including ViewSonic’s patent PortAll™ - an integrated compartment supporting a MHL/HDMI port that allows users to wirelessly stream multimedia content via a wireless HDMI dongle. Smart horizontal keystone and corner adjustment allows for flexible placement of the projectors in classrooms or boardrooms. All LightStream™ PJD6 Networkable Series of Projectors include a discreet cable management hood for easy cable organization. SonicExpert™ technology provides an enhanced and fuller range of sound. The integrated speaker (10W/16W) delivers best in class audio performance for a greater sound clarity and volume performance, as well as comfort at even the highest levels. Flexible inputs include 2xVGA, 2xHDMI (1xMHL/HDMI), Composite Video, and S-Video.

The user-friendly remote features a unique “My Button” control that configures to a user’s preferred setting with one simple click. With a single remote, installers have the flexibility to operate up to eight projectors in the same room by switching the codes. The new intuitive keypad layout featured on all LightStream Series projectors allows users to easily operate the projector without complicated on-screen display menus.

“The LightStream™ PJD6 Networkable Series of  Projectors is packed with smart technologies that deliver brighter true-to-life color images for high ambient lighting environments like classrooms and boardrooms,” said Brian Wei, Product Marketing Director for ViewSonic Europe.

The new LightStream™ PJD6 Networkable series will be available in Q2 2015.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the ViewSonic website (click here).

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time for Taiwan - Taiwan Tourism Promotion Activity at PTAA 2015

In order to promote Taiwan’s Tourism industry in the Philippines, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will present a special promotion event on February 14 and 15 at the 22nd Philippines Travel Tour Expo SMX Convention Center, Manila. During this promotion activity, Taiwan Tourism will introduce the 6 theme program with heart from Taiwan, including Taiwan delicious foods, shopping at Taiwan, Culture specialty, and romantic scenes. Some fun tour program, premium travel package will be introduced at the show, Taiwan Tourism hope to attract Philippines people attention and invite them to plan for a trip to Taiwan, special gifts from Taiwan are presented and prepared for the visitors to the event. By register at the information desk will get a gift voucher for picking up special gift of USB pen drive or Bluetooth speaker. One supplier of Taiwan Excellence Award winner, Silicon Power, has also present a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive Blaze B30 to welcome the Philippines visitors to Taiwan event.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
Gift to visitors to Taiwan Promotion Activity
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015

Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
The event is hosted by Mr. Jorge Zacarias Bandola the famous event MC, and Ms. Janneth C. Gomez the famous Philippine singer. Janneth Gomez will sing a popular Chinese song as well as giving some brief introduction to audience the 6 travel theme in Taiwan, and some travel plan like shopping, flowers season, amusement park and resort, and the coming Taiwan lantern festival in Chinese New Year.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
2015 Taiwan Tourism promotion activity at PTAA

Taiwan shopping malls are widely located in the country, for example the Miramar Entertainment Park in Taipei, Dream Mall in Kaoshiung, malls are gathering all kinds of branded fashion, large big stores, cinemas, restaurants. A leisure time at the spring season while Taiwan Island is full of beautiful blossoms, during February to March, Alishan national park, Sun Moon Lake scenery park are blown with pink sakura flowers; Yanminshan national park is color with different kinds of flowers and the place is feeling most romantic atmosphere under the blue sky where visitors can take their lifelong love memory pictures.  For family tour the giant fairy wheel at Janfusun Fancyworld in Yunlin, and the Yi-Da theme park have all different kind of entertainment for every people in the family.

There will be a 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival during February 27 till March 15 holding in Taichung city. The main lantern is a giant goat representing the year of goat in 2015, while surrounding the fancy lantern art will bright up the sky at the evening during the Chinese New Year holidays. Tourist visit Taiwan during this time can also take a chance to experience the sky lantern activity in North Taiwan, the local culture is fun and meaningful. Taiwan Tourism welcome all Philippines visitors plan for a trip to Taiwan at this season.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
Sky Lantern

During the promotion event, there will be some live activity hosted in the one hour show, the audience at the live show will interact with the two promoters and gets a chance to win big prize. The prize is very attractive including some Taiwanese specialty gifts and hotel voucher, etc.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

KINGMAX: M.2 SSD delivers performance and increase productivity

The M.2 SSD to be the enhanced replacement for Mini PCIe/mSATA, the corresponding specifications had been created and established by Intel. With its strengths in the design of motherboard chipsets, Intel has also introduced the specification for various notebook platform applications. If you are wondering what exactly is so special about the M.2 SSD that makes it stand out among so many existing SSD interfaces, you have come to the right place.
Kingmax M.2 SSD
Advantages of KINGMAX M.2 SSD
KINGMAX M.2 SSD supports the SATA interface with high compatibility, which offers the product ample coverage in different applications. Not only that, the product is capable of delivering an incredible data transmission speed at 540MB/s between the motherboard and storage device, with impressive bandwidth scalability. Coupled with features such as support for NCQ and hot swapping, KINGMAX M.2 SSD really is the ideal choice as far as SSD goes.
Kingmax M.2 SSD
A design that makes thinner and lighter products possible
Compared with the mSATA form factor, M.2 SSD’s size of 2242 saves as much as 55% in precious physical space, while the 2280 cuts down spatial consumption by 15%. Compact in size and weighing a mere 5g, the M.2 SSD makes the task of creating lighter and smaller products possible and has therefore become the primary storage solution for ultra-compact mobile computing devices.

User considerations
For gamers, the M.2 SSD delivers SSD level of speed and performance at a lower price of entry. KINGMAX M.2 SSD features high-speed MLC flash memory with read and write speeds of 540MB/s and 300MB/s respectively. In addition to BCH and ECC error detection and correction technologies to perform automatic correction to prevent data loss due to computing errors, the product also features self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T) to help users protect their important data.
Kingmax M.2 SSD
In addition to the launch of the M.2 SSD, KINGMAX has always made it a point to bring SSD products of the best value to consumers. By insisting on its quality assurance and dedicating meticulous attention to each and every production process, KINGMAX has gone to great lengths to deliver utmost satisfaction to users. Among its extensive product offerings, the SME Xvalue 2.5” SSD has been endorsed by numerous users as the entry-level product that offers the best bang for the buck, and even users with a limited budget would be able to experience the advantages of SSD and benefit from exceptional system stability. For users looking for more with regards to read/write speed, KINGMAX SMG Titan series is a no-brainer; not only does the series promise great performance and high stability, the SMG Titan series guarantees a read speed at 550MB/s and an incredible write speed at 520 MB/s – a significant boost in performance. For hardcore gamers, the SMU Client series would be the obvious choice, especially with the launch of relevant KINGMAX DDR4 products. The improvement in system performance is promised to be immediate and substantial when paired with OC DRAM products.

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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