Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Apacer introduces AH333 USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Apacer launches AH333 flash drive employs a pebble-like rounded contour which creates perfectly firm and comfortable hold. A unique sense of design is shown in the two colors available: chic ivory white and mysterious black, with an arc stripe in ruby red. In addition to its compact size for portability, its maximum capacity can reach up to 64GB, realizing portable bulk storage.
Apacer AH333 USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Perfect Hand-feel Obtained from Roundness and Firmness
AH333 “Perfect Partner” flash drive features comfortable touch for its unique rounded appearance and pebble-like contour, drawing people to play around. In addition, its compact size makes itself as portable as a truthful digital partner. The stylish simple body, either in ivory white or mysterious black, is capped with a unique arc stripe in ruby red, radiating elegance in its low profile!

Perfect Design Seen in Thoughtful Details
AH333 “Perfect Partner” flash drive not only features perfect hand-feel with its rounded appearance, but demonstrates Apacer’s consistent focus on thoughtful and intricate design. Its compact body gives the user a firm grip with perfect hand-feel and makes it easier for plugging/unplugging. The hidden built-in strap hole at the rear allows users to freely attach individual straps showing their personal style!
Apacer AH333 USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Perfect Capacity Available for All
People are bombarded by massive amount of data nowadays. As a result, a high-capacity flash drive has become a must-have accessory! Equipped with a capacity up to 64GB, AH333 “Perfect Partner” flash drive relieves people’s information anxiety by rendering MP3 songs, HD movies, photos, e-books and working files portable! In addition, multiple capacities (4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB) are available to choose from. AH333 also offers exclusive ACE compression software which expands the capacity by up to 500% and ensures data security and privacy through encryption.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

KINGMAX MySelfie - Group Shot at the Party!

Merry Christmas! Let’s take a group shot at the party!

The preparation of gifts is an important task for Christmas. But then again, though the act of selecting gifts may be a pleasant one, it is by no means an easy job. In general, gift recipients can be divided into three categories of preferences: for the look, practicality over everything, and brand above all. Needless to say, you have more clues to choose the gifts when the recipient is someone related/a close friend of yours. If you are giving a present to someone who is all about his/her individual style, then you should only pick items that go well with his/her style.

If the recipient favors down-to-earth practicality, it is a good idea to choose something that will see repeated use in the house. Of course, when it comes to a fan of a specific brand, there really is no better present than a product from his/her favorite brand.

With more and more social networking sites becoming increasingly popular, we are seeing more folks with the habit of taking and uploading their selfies to share their lives with others. Well, here is a special smartphone accessory from KINGMAX: MySelfie, a remote control for moments when you wish to take selfies on your phone.
For users who always have the urge to take selfies, MySelfie really is a great choice for a Christmas gift. In a compact size of 2.6x 6.0x 0.7cm, MySelfie is designed for a firm grasp in the user’s hand. When you operate the product by pressing its one and only button, you will be delighted by the exquisite texture, because MySelfie uses the same grade of eco-friendly material featured on Apple products. Chances are you will find it hard to put down MySelfie due to the silky texture of its matted coating. Lightweight, compact and stylish in design, MySelfie is the perfect choice for Christmas gift!

Well, go ahead and pair your smartphone with MySelfie over Bluetooth! If you are a fan of taking selfies, you will be able to take more natural shots and capture your best look. When you go to a Christmas party, you will be more than prepared to take a group shot of everyone around. Come on now, it’s time to say “CHEESE”!

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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PLEXTOR Announces the M.2 Christmas Contest

Plextor announced the M.2 Christmas Contest with Gigabyte Motherboards today. Join the online quiz event from December 12 to December 25, 2014, and you will have a chance to win a Plextor’s ultra-fast M.2 PCIe SSD and Gigabyte’s latest motherboards to unleash speed on your computer.
PLEXTOR M.2 Christmas Contest

Duration: December 12 – 25, 2014
- Prize of Best Performance *1:
Plextor M6e M.2 PCIe 256 GB SSD + Gigabyte X99-UD3 Motherboard
- Prize of Best Value *1:
Plextor M6e M.2 PCIe 128 GB SSD + Gigabyte G1.Sniper B6 Motherboard
- Prize On the Go *2:
Plextor 2.5“External Enclosure

To support the brand new M.2 storage specification featured on the latest generation of motherboards, Plextor has launched a complete line-up of M.2 SSDs this year. The M6e M.2 2280 PCIe SSD is a native PCI express and first to overcome storage speed bottlenecks implied by the SATA interface. Even more dazzling read and write speeds are now available for PC enthusiasts.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Plextor website (click here).

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Silicon Power launches Mini USB Flash Drive - Touch T50

Silicon Power launches the new collection of designed USB flash drives- USB 2.0 Touch T50. The stylish exterior design, with exquisite openwork carving and matte-surface metallic casing, makes them stand out among numerous products in the market. Moreover, cap-less and compact Touch T50 is easy to be stored and carried around, and they will be an awesome choice as a storage device and a fancy accessory to impress people.
Silicon Power Mini USB Flash Drive - Touch T50
Masterpiece of Openwork Carving Design
Do you pursue high-quality life style in a fast-paced environment? Are you trying to keep personal space in an age of information explosion? The newly-launched USB 2.0 Touch T50 can meet the above demands perfectly. By combining two concepts of structure aesthetics and stylish trends into design, Touch T50 feature hollow openwork-carving exterior which can show elegant and noble qualities. In addition, characteristics such as durable zinc alloy casing and compact size for easy carrying build up an extraordinary taste and a lifestyle of self-expression. By applying the COB (Chip On Board) technology, Touch T50 offer complete data protections against water, dust and vibration to keep the golden finger away from impairments that might lead to data damages and losses. Users will enjoy safe and delightful storage experiences.

Breaking the Quality–Speed Compromise
Achieving high-quality user experiences is always our first priority, so SP never compromises on product performance and exquisite appearance. To better satisfy users’ different mobile needs, there are options of transfer interfaces – USB 2.0 for Touch T50. At an affordable price, Jewel J50 provides blazing-fast data transferring speed to accomplish great efficiency. Meanwhile, Touch T50 offer multiple choices on storage capacities with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB to meet different demands. All Silicon Power USB flash drive products come with a lifetime warranty, SP Widget application software which provides seven major back up and security tools and a 60-day trial version of NIS (Norton Internet Security). Moreover, SP provides users with the Recuva File Recovery which allows users to easily rescue the deleted files including digital photos, documents, music and videos.

Touch T50 USB Flash Drives Product Features:
- Trendy accessory with openwork carving design
- Stylish and sturdy zinc alloy casing
- Cap-less design, no worries about cap loss
- Compact size for easy carrying
- COB (Chip-on-board) technology, water, dust and vibration proof
- Recuva File Recovery, allowing recovery of erased files, such as digital photos, documents, music and videos

Touch T50 USB Flash Drives Product Specifications:
- Size: 24.3 x 12.2 x 4.6 mm
- Weight: 2.6 g
- Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
- Material: Zinc alloy
- Color: Touch T50 – Champagne gold
- Interface: Touch T50 - USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 compatible
- Operating temperature: 0° C ~ 70° C
- Supported OS Operation Systems: PC-Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS 10.3.x, Linux 2.6.x
- Certification: CE/FCC/BSMI/Green dot/WEEE/RoHS/KCC
- Warranty: Lifetime warranty

For more information about the product(s), please visit the SP/Silicon Power website (click here).

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

GIGABYTE launches GTX980 G1 Gaming WATERFORCE 3-Way SLI Kit

GIGABYTE introduces the world’s first GTX 980 WATERFORCE 3-way SLI kit (GV-N980X3WA-4GD) with closed loop liquid cooling designed for hardcore gamers in search of the most quiet and the coolest ultimate gaming performance, especially in 4K. Powered by a trio of highly acclaimed GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 G1 Gaming graphics cards set up in 3-way SLI, the kit is solidly built to deliver monstrous graphics power up to its highest possible potential, while incorporating ultra-efficient cooling technology, intuitive control management, and easy-to-install design to put together a complete 3-way SLI graphics solution kit right of the box.

Ultra-efficient WATERFORCE with Real-time Display and Control
Each graphics card is pre-installed with the exclusive water cooling unit and radiator connected with a pair of coolant pipes. All three independent radiators are placed inside the external metal watercooling box. The intuitive control panel with an OLED display located at the box’ front panel enable gamers to check the performance of the 3 graphics cards in real time.

This intuitive control management offers two control mechanisms for gamers. By utilizing the Target Temperature Mode, the fan and pump speed of each card will be automatically adjusted to attain uniform user-defined GPU temperature across all 3 cards with a few simple clicks. Gamers could also make use of the Fan/Pump Control Mode to adjust each card’s fan and pump configuration individually as preferred for achieving other desired performances.

With the exclusive 3-way closed loop liquid cooling architecture, the WATERFORCE breaks through the multi-way configuration air cooling limitation and keeps all the cards cool at the same temperature level. Without having any of the cards gone overheating, the system is able to perform up to 42.6% lower in operating temperatures overall and 13.1 dB lower in acoustic performance under load compared to a 3-way SLI reference cooler for ultra-stable extreme gaming in near silence.

Extreme 4K Gaming Performance Guaranteed with G1 Gaming
The kit features GIGABYTE GTX 980 G1 Gaming graphics cards in 3-way SLI that could turn any typical gaming rig into an ultimate gaming beast, unleashing the richest graphics performance even when running the most graphically demanding game titles at 4K resolutions. Beyond performance, the G1 gaming cards also guaranteed tremendous overclocking capability, thanks to the GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting technology, to go super overclock effortlessly. Further equipped with the second to none Flex Display technology, the G1 Gaming graphics cards provide gamers with the greatest flexibility in output connectivity options for multi-display gaming utilizing a combination of DisplayPort, HDMI and dual-link DVI.

Easy-to-Install Liquid Cooling Solution
The GTX 980 G1 Gaming WATERFORCE 3-way SLI Kit is packed in a hard cover suitcase to ensure well-round protection during delivery. Straight out of the box, the main liquid cooling components are installation-ready and take only few simple steps to assemble the system without breaking a sweat. GIGABYTE also provides dedicated online support for users in case of needing any assistance. The package also includes a 3-way SLI bridge with the illuminated G1 Gaming logo, a VGA jack that supports and spaces in between cards, pipe clams for tubing management, and a WATERFORCE drive-bay front panel for routing the pipes to make it a complete kit.

The GTX 980 G1 Gaming WATERFORCE 3-way SLI Kit (GV-N980X3WA-4GD) will be available in Taiwan, Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, the UK, and the USA beginning December, 2014. Other regions will follow later.

For more information, please visit this link: (click here).

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