Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kingmax PJ-02, intuitive design of USB flash drive

Flash drive technologies are comparatively mature and universal. Unique applications such as “USB albums” released by pop singers are starting to emerge. That being said, data storage still represents the most important function for a majority of users. There are numerous memory manufacturers and the number of available types and styles is staggering. How can consumers select a drive that meets their needs?
Kingmax PJ-02
OTG functionality – Pet feature of mobile devices
OTG products currently enjoy a growing popularity among consumers. These devices are equipped with standard USB and MicroUSB connectors and may be used for direct data transfer and backup between desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Recommended models include Kingston DTDUO, Transcend JF380G, Kingmax PJ-02, and Sony MicroVault (since prices vary considerably interested users should search for the best bargains online).
Kingmax PJ-02

Kingmax PJ-02 is a USB which is design for portable devices, especially for OTG(On-The-Go) function. The OTG USB supports Android OS, Win8/Win7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS V10.6.1, and Linux kernel V2.6x. The size of PJ-02 is only 30.7x 12x4.5 mm, and 20 grams weight only. There is slip-proof design with four salient points, and can push it into devices easier. To protect the micro USB, there is a cover with a strap hole, users can hang PJ-02 on any place you like.

By selecting high-quality products, users exude an air of professionalism. Consumers who place great emphasis on details also attach great importance to these portable devices. Data can be removed at any time which provides increased protection for business secrets and private data. These mobile devices also allow real-time retrieval and editing of data while users are away from their offices, thereby providing greater convenience. Transmission cables and hubs are no longer required and users enjoy more rapid and reliable data transmission.

Simplicity and stylishness – Elegant and fashionable portable accessories
A growing number of flash drives feature unique designs. However, overly fancy designs are often a passing fad. Simple and stylish devices, on the other hand, accentuate personal taste. In addition to design and appearance, stability and durability are also main considerations for the selection of flash drives. Consumers should be careful when selecting low-price products since manufacturers usually don’t reveal the quality of used materials.

Consumers who favor Japanese-style devices tend to be drawn to Sony products which attract potential customers through simple lines and high quality. The Sandisk Cruzer Orbit CZ58 Pen Drive features a clean and elegant design and relies on appearance to attract customers, while Choicee Clip’s unique design concept still feels fresh even 4 years after its release. Kingmax Super Stick Mini, on the other hand, is as thin and light as a bookmark. The specially treated metal connector is wear and tear resistant and takes up very little space, featuring a neat and elegant design.

A large number of flash drives claim to have encryption functions but fail to achieve their advertised results. Consumers should think twice before paying a higher price for a disappointing and useless product. Water and dust resistance, on the other hand, is a very useful feature which guarantees a wider application range for flash drives.

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Plextor SSD, Skylake and Windows 10 is the best choice for PC upgrades

Plextor makes great preparations in compatibility and optimization with regards to Windows 10 and Skylake, the two launches respectively by two of the computer industry's largest software and hardware companies, Intel and Microsoft. Advanced gamers can choose M6e Black Edition or M6e M.2 SSD using PCIe interface. Mainstream users can choose the M6S SATA 2.5 SSD, which received great reviews in Japan. Entry-level gamers must not miss the most affordable yet highly efficient M6V-series SSD.

Targeting the consumer market, Intel has launched a sixth generation Core processor platform called Skylake, including CPUs of model numbers beginning with a "6," as well as 100-series chipsets.  The most obvious change of the new CPU and chipsets is that the newest DDR4 memory is used. Compared to DDR3, DDR4 is more efficient and requires less energy. However, the price is slightly higher than that of the currently mainstream DDR3 memory.
Plextor SSD, Skylake and Windows 10
Whenever a next-generation processor hits the market, without a doubt it provides a better and more energy-saving efficiency. Simply put, compared with processors of the prior generation, the computing power is increased by over 20% in financial analysis and professional computing. Before Skylake, Intel’s internal graphics cards were merely passable but the video performance enhancements as a result of Skylake were obvious. For example, under the mainstream resolution of 1080P and with special effects configured to around medium, MOBA games such as DOTA 2 or LOL and adventure games such as Biohazard or Resident Evil are easily supported with these graphic cards. It can be seen that the improved capabilities of Intel’s Skylake platform is not to be underestimated.

Additionally, a particular concern to gamers this time is that Intel temporarily removed the original FIVR power design with the release of the Skylake platform. DIY gamers accustomed to overclocking may once again have the opportunity to overclock their CPUs.

Finally, what is worth noting is that the new CPUs are incompatible with old 90/80-series chipsets. Everyone should take care to not enthusiastically buy the new CPU only to discover that it cannot be used on computers with incompatible chipsets.

Microsoft has released the newest operating system Window 10 at the end of July, which is the subject of attention of even more computer users around the world. With the rise of tablets, Microsoft had hoped to redefine operating methods for computers through Windows 8. However, since the release of Windows 8, the revamped operating interface received mixed reviews.  In the newest operating system Windows 10, Microsoft brought back the Start Menu at the bottom left corner of the screen, which the users have been accustomed to since Windows 95. Through free upgrades, consumers using older Windows 7/8.1 can freely use the newest operating system. Consequently, Windows 10 has become the fastest growing operating system since its release.

Windows 10 is also the operating system that is most able to realize the hardware capabilities. Past Windows operating systems do not completely support multi-core CPUs. So even if an expensive 8-core processor is installed, its capability cannot be fully realized. Now, Windows 10 can start multiple desktops after starting Task Mode. Each of the desktops can present the program currently being used. Advanced gamers can even assign processor core and the program thread to be executed, showing great professionalism and strength.

For gamers who love games, Windows 10 provides DirectX 12 game engine, which can greatly increase gaming performance. Gamers can enjoy the smoothest graphics and the best gaming experience when games supporting DirectX 12 hit the market.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apacer launches smallest notebook power bank B222 and B221

Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
Apacer launches the world’s smallest notebook power bank B222 and the super mini pocket power bank B221

While mobile devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and notebooks, have become part of the modern life, an uninterrupted mobile power supply has become an emerging issue! The brand new B222 and B221 power banks from Apacer enable users to bid farewell to power outage for mobile devices to enjoy a true mobile life! Both the B222 and B221 emphasize compactness, lightweight, and multiple safeguards, and the B222 featuring, super high capacity up to 11400mAh and maximum output at 19V 3.42A, is the world’s smallest notebook power bank to realize “zero outage” mobile life!

Surveys found that people across the world spend about 142 minutes on-line each day, and the length is increasing every year. The longer the time they spend on-line, the more the demand for adequate power supply. Apacer launches brand new power banks to provide the best solutions of “uninterrupted power supply” for mobile business and heavy mobile device users: the compact and lightweight B221 and the super power-full B222 supporting notebook charging.
Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
B222 The world’s smallest notebook power bank with multiple safeguards
As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 is offered in 11400mAh, with maximum output up to 19V 3.42A to effectively extend notebook durability for businesspersons traveling everywhere to demonstrate expertise without worrying about power outages, to provide the optimal power rescue solution in emergencies!

The B222 radiates the aurora of self-confidence in its black matte, anti-fingerprint finish design demonstrating professionalism and earnestness wedge body with a round edge. Made with high quality, high energy density LG battery cell for light electric vehicles, the B222 supplies power at high voltage and high current with multiple safeguards, including short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and charge/discharge overheat protection.

As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 also supports smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, and game consoles and can fully re-charge a smartphone four times. Compact and elaborate in appearance, the B222 designed for both bag and pocket carrying ensures your mobile devices be “in charge” at all times and is suitable for both heavy users of mobiles and tablets and gamers. When travelling abroad, the B222 charging your digital camera and Wireless AP allows you to check in and show your public display of affection all day long to ensure your memories of happiness never end!
Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
B221 Extra value with premium Samsung batteries and compact design
Although the B221 is a super mini pocket power bank, it offers a capacity of 6000mAh to support a smartphone and a tablet for one whole day! Made with premium Samsung batteries, the B221 delivers perfect stability and durability and is equipped with dual USB outputs up to 3.5A for quick charge to fulfill extra-value mobile experience.

Measuring only 8.32 x4.6 x 2.68cm and 130g, the B221 fits into any shirt pocket or backpack for users to carry it anywhere, anytime. In a simplistic style, the B221 has a novel embedded power button design and smooth contour which enhances grip feelings and storage convenience. It is offered in Armani black and Tiffany blue to correspond to the longing for free mobile life of users!

Both super mini pocket power bank B221 and the world’s smallest notebook power bank B222 have passed CE, FCC and UL certification to ensure product safety for users to charge their mobile devices without worries.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ViewSonic Launches Pen Tablet for Mobile E-signature Solution

ViewSonic Corp. introduces its Windows®-based 10-inch PT1080 Pen Tablet, making it the best breakthrough of hardware innovations for businesses. With the integration of palm rejection, Electromagnetic Resonance Pen technology (EMP), and a 10-point touch panel, ViewSonic’s PT1080 strengthens its usage by being fully upgradeable to Windows 10 OS ensures smarter data management and an invaluable e-signature experience for business customers.  Moving away from traditional service counter, the PT1080 empowers representatives to leave the counter and enable personalized communication solutions.  Building upon its award-winning display heritage, ViewSonic’s 10-inch PT1080 Pen Tablet has proven its position for improving smart data management, mobility and accessibility functions, and customer satisfaction in the business industry.
ViewSonic 10-inch PT1080 Pen Table
“The PT1080 Pen Tablet is designed to improve corporate efficiency by providing better data management for businesses. Businesses are now obliged to create more innovative approaches to either better manage their intelligence system or improve client services through day-to-day contact. The service approach has changed from before, from traditional counter lineups to quick self-service or deluxe personal service for VIPs. The PT1080 Pen Tablet serves to provide an easy, mobile, and secured service with paperless and digitalized signature solutions. In the insurance industry, the PT1080 offers convenient methods for clients to be able to quickly check contract agreement content, encryptions, and sign with the V Pen. This product can also be applied in the hotel industry for offering convenient and easy e-signature service for VIP customers who check-in or check-out. The PT1080 accommodates to both industries and also safeguards everything you put inside your pen tablet,” said Bonny Cheng, General Manager of the Display Business Unit at ViewSonic.
ViewSonic 10-inch PT1080 Pen Table
The PT1080’s exclusive electromagnetic resonance pen touch (EMP) technology provides battery-free V Pen, designed to improve customer satisfaction for businesses by aiming for the highest accuracy and responsiveness, and allowing customers to enjoy the delicacy of the personal calligraphy. With a display accuracy of 200 PPS and 5,080 LPI, customers will enjoy every detail precisely reproduced on the tablet as it is on paper. Featuring high-sensitive touch recognition with 1024 pressure level, the V Pen replicates an authentic pen and paper interaction, and ensures up to 10 mm pen hovering capability, allowing customers to feel a more natural and ergonomic user touch experience.
ViewSonic 10-inch PT1080 Pen Table

10-inch Windows 8.1 OS Pen Tablet, powered by the proven Intel Baytrail-T (Quad-core) 1.33Ghz processor, is designed to improve data management for businesses. Professionals can experience the simple use of collecting, storing, and accessing data right on the Pen Tablet with its 2GB of DDR3L memory and 32GB of storage. In addition, with 10-point touch-enabled PT1080 Pen Tablet enables friendly web-browsing, typing, or applications execution. Professionals can conveniently manage data on-the-go with easy connectivity to USB, Micro USB, Mini HDMI, and Micro SD for more applicable purposes.  The 10” Electromagnetic Resonance Pen Tablet features 1280 x 800 resolution ensures a pleasant viewing experience for customers to enjoy. The SuperClear® IPS panel technology provides a consistent and true-to-life image. With an 8H hardness surface for anti-scratch and durable use, PT1080 represents the first a line of Pen Tablet for businesses from ViewSonic.

For more information, please visit the ViewSonic website (click here).

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Apacer: NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM

Apacer is excited to announce the biggest advancements in SO-DIMM history- NOX, the goddess of the night, symbolizes power and mysterious energy- DDR4 16GB SO-DIMM which is just on the market in summer 2015. The unmatched NOX surpasses all others of its kind before and since. Not only speed but also power-saving efficiency in terms of outstanding performance is far beyond your imagination. It is perfect for gaming laptop, high-end business laptop, and high-performance mini system.
Feel the Power and Speed Inside Your Laptop : NOX DDR4 64GB 3000MHz SO-DIMM

The Very Best Gaming DDR4, A SO-DIMM of Choice
Gigantic Capacity of 64GB, Rating up to 3000MHz Consuming only 1.2V
The one and only NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM so far is the highest capacity worldwide with only single one SO-DIMM memory module, and it comes equipped with total capacity of 64GB(16GB*4). NOX increases performance to fast open applications, run graphic-intensive games, or any other software. If you are a hardcore gamer, NOX delivers extremely fast and fluid game play in the highest possible quality.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

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