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Monday, March 29, 2021

Alpha 7SIII: Top Choice of Renowned Cinematographer and Content Creator

When you talk about professional shooting, renowned and sought-after content creators, veteran directors, and cinematographers would not hesitate to say that their top choice is Sony’s Alpha 7SIII mainly because of its extraordinary capabilities that bring their Imagination in Motion.

Sony Philippines (SPH) conducted a virtual interview with game-changing digital content creator, Lit Lab Studios headed by Patrick Martin and Hiromi Uematsu and professional director and cinematographer, JA Tadena to share their experience using the Sony Alpha 7SIII and why is it their top choice.

Patrick, Hiromi, and Pao of Lit Lab Studios (left) and JA Tadena (right)

SPH: How was your experience using Sony’s Alpha 7sIII?

Lit Lab: On a business perspective, it’s more practical and it gives us more room for growth, and as a freelancer, if I invest in a camera like this, I can go head to head with the clients because the qualities of the videos are superb.

JA: It was really a big ease for me because the important thing I always consider in cameras is that I am able to control it easily, so the size is really important.


SPH: What’s your favorite feature of the camera?

Lit Lab: The low light capability because the videos are impeccable as the camera can capture even during darkest times and it’s very useful for us who love to use natural lights; all colors are more natural.

JA: The auto focus blew me away, during my shooting experience, when I need the auto focus to work, it was really on point. It’s also the best low light camera out there as I am able to shoot with just a flashlight or a candle that was almost impossible before. I’m really excited to create more content with it.

Lit Lab Studios recently released a dance music video for the Ayala Malls’ Zing app where they revealed that they used Alpha 7sIII as their main camera during production and JA Tadena also showcased a short dance film, “Move,” to test drive the A7sIII and see how it performs in low and minimal lighting.


Watch JA Tadena’s short dance film “Move,” shot with the Alpha 7SIII here.

SPH: How important is investing in your gear?

Lit Lab: A vision is always important when it comes to telling the story and capturing the market, but then, execution is just as important so having a powerful tool and camera to translate your vision is vital, the gear is always as important to the vision we want.

JA: It’s important that your equipment and skills are there; the skill is important of all things, but it can go to a whole new level if you have better equipment.


SPH: How did Sony’s A7sIII embody its tagline, “Imagination in Motion?”

Lit Lab: Given the features, the imagination in motion comes in with how the quality of our work has improved when it comes to becoming clearer and it helps us in translating our vision in actual.

JA: The camera gives you more focus on creativity, it’s a smart camera that eases your worry on technicality so you can focus on your creativity. It’s a point-and-shoot for professionals and it’s that easy to use and you can just let your imagination go crazy and you’ll still be able to achieve it.

Lit Lab Studios and JA Tadena are just some of the many professionals who have always ensured that they are equipped with the best gears so they can create better content and personalize their creative visions.

Watch Lit Lab Studio’s short cinematic film here, shot entirely with the Alpha 7SIII.


SPH: What is your advice to content creators out there? Aspiring and those who have started already?

Lit Lab: Always be creative and it’s very important to be wise and smart with how we spend our money, we should spend in something that is powerful and with a long-term equipment that could help you grow not just your businesses but also as a creative.

JA: Keep shooting and find your style, eventually, you’ll be able to find your voice and what you will show to the people. Everything is also accessible and more affordable for you, there are new gears like the A7sIII that are so easy to use, so keep learning and keep shooting.


Truly, Sony’s Alpha 7SIII is made for every content creator to be able to put their Imagination in Motion. For full product details of the Sony Alpha 7SIII, visit here.

The Alpha 7SIII is also included in Sony’s Summer Gadget Deals where you can pay for 12 months with 0% interest and includes a promo bundle of a 64GB SD card and a Peak Design leash. View the full catalog at Promo ends on March 31, 2021, so visit the nearest Sony Authorized Camera Dealers now!


An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. Sony - Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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