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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time for Taiwan - Taiwan Tourism Promotion Activity at PTAA 2015

In order to promote Taiwan’s Tourism industry in the Philippines, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will present a special promotion event on February 14 and 15 at the 22nd Philippines Travel Tour Expo SMX Convention Center, Manila. During this promotion activity, Taiwan Tourism will introduce the 6 theme program with heart from Taiwan, including Taiwan delicious foods, shopping at Taiwan, Culture specialty, and romantic scenes. Some fun tour program, premium travel package will be introduced at the show, Taiwan Tourism hope to attract Philippines people attention and invite them to plan for a trip to Taiwan, special gifts from Taiwan are presented and prepared for the visitors to the event. By register at the information desk will get a gift voucher for picking up special gift of USB pen drive or Bluetooth speaker. One supplier of Taiwan Excellence Award winner, Silicon Power, has also present a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive Blaze B30 to welcome the Philippines visitors to Taiwan event.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
Gift to visitors to Taiwan Promotion Activity
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015

Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
The event is hosted by Mr. Jorge Zacarias Bandola the famous event MC, and Ms. Janneth C. Gomez the famous Philippine singer. Janneth Gomez will sing a popular Chinese song as well as giving some brief introduction to audience the 6 travel theme in Taiwan, and some travel plan like shopping, flowers season, amusement park and resort, and the coming Taiwan lantern festival in Chinese New Year.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
2015 Taiwan Tourism promotion activity at PTAA

Taiwan shopping malls are widely located in the country, for example the Miramar Entertainment Park in Taipei, Dream Mall in Kaoshiung, malls are gathering all kinds of branded fashion, large big stores, cinemas, restaurants. A leisure time at the spring season while Taiwan Island is full of beautiful blossoms, during February to March, Alishan national park, Sun Moon Lake scenery park are blown with pink sakura flowers; Yanminshan national park is color with different kinds of flowers and the place is feeling most romantic atmosphere under the blue sky where visitors can take their lifelong love memory pictures.  For family tour the giant fairy wheel at Janfusun Fancyworld in Yunlin, and the Yi-Da theme park have all different kind of entertainment for every people in the family.

There will be a 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival during February 27 till March 15 holding in Taichung city. The main lantern is a giant goat representing the year of goat in 2015, while surrounding the fancy lantern art will bright up the sky at the evening during the Chinese New Year holidays. Tourist visit Taiwan during this time can also take a chance to experience the sky lantern activity in North Taiwan, the local culture is fun and meaningful. Taiwan Tourism welcome all Philippines visitors plan for a trip to Taiwan at this season.
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Taiwan Tourism promotion activity - PTAA 2015
Sky Lantern

During the promotion event, there will be some live activity hosted in the one hour show, the audience at the live show will interact with the two promoters and gets a chance to win big prize. The prize is very attractive including some Taiwanese specialty gifts and hotel voucher, etc.

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. PTAA 2015, Taiwan Tourism Promotion Activity, Silicon Power - Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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