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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ViewSonic TD2420 designed for multi-purpose needs

There is a LED Monitor for your multi-purpose needs, the ViewSonic TD2420. This brand new monitor adopts advanced optical touch technology that allows users to zoom in and out, tap, and swipe back and forth on the screen; using their fingers, with and without gloves; and even a stylus pen. The TD2420 is compatible with Windows 8, which enables the device to be easily operated by a simple tap on the touch screen. This intuitive and flexible operation is perfect for personal entertainment and business use, as it delivers a more convenient and engaging experience, for social networking, information searching, or online shopping.
ViewSonic TD2420

With a Full HD 1080p LED mercury-free backlight display, 1920x1080 resolution, and 20,000,000:1 high contrast ratio; the TD2420 delivers crystal clear color performance without distortions or decays. This model embodies the most robust, 7H hardness anti-scratch glass, which provides strong protection from items coming in contact with the screen and makes it best suited for use in public areas.

The TD2420 integrates numerous connection ports including HDMI1.4, and VGA input, to enable users to access any high quality devices, such as PCs, laptops, or gaming consoles. It also supports SRS Premium Sound® for life-like sound effects.
ViewSonic TD2420

With the debut of the 24” TD2420, ViewSonic has successfully extended its touch display products from 22’’and 23’’, into the medium and large size monitor range. This monitor delivers powerful specifications, which provide customers with a broader choice of applications, whether it is in home theatre or the business sector.
Bonny Cheng, the General Manager of the Display Business Unit at ViewSonic emphasizes that “the TD2420 satisfies the demand for: businesses, as it can be used as a point of sales (POS) kiosk, and point of information (POI) system; education institutes, by creating an engaging environment with its touch function; and individual users, where the large format display with high quality sound effects can be used for online shopping, watching videos and other home entertainment activities. She further stresses that our complete range of screen sizes, from 22” to 65” large format displays, boasts intuitive touch functions and other strong specifications. This is why our touch display product line is expected to become the best choice for both the commercial and consumer market.

ViewSonic’s TD2420 received ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT and the exclusive Eco Mode that can adjust the backlit light source under different environments. The TD2420 not only provides you with a pleasant visual experience, but also saves up to 40% more energy.

For more information about the ViewSonic’s TD2420, please visit the ViewSonic website (click here)

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