Monday, May 14, 2018

KINGMAX Announces DDR4 2666MHz Memory Module for Easy System Upgrade

KINGMAX Technology Inc., the world’s leading provider of memory products, releases its new JEDEC standard DDR4-2666 memory module. The DDR4-2666 RAM is programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR4-2666 timing of 19-19-19 at 1.2V. The DDR4-2666 RAM is optimized for the latest Intel H370, H310, B360 and Z370 chipsets that lets you easily enjoy the ultra-fast speeds without overclocking.
Utmost DDR4 Performance for Easy System Upgrade
KINGMAX DDR4-2666 RAM is especially designed with two RAM types of UDIMM and SODIMM for various system configurations and DIY system builds. At 2666MT/s — the next-generation performance frequency for DDR4 memory — each DIMM provides peak bandwidth of 21.3GB/s.
In order to meet different computer upgrade requirements, the DDR4-2666 series is available in multiple capacity packages including single module capacities of 4GB–16GB and kits of 2 with capacities of 8GB–32GB.

Extremely Stable and Reliable
The DDR4-2666 RAM is made of selected original memory modules and is 100% factory-tested to promise high stability, durability, and compatibility.  It is lead-free, CE-certified and compliant with RoHS Directives for guaranteed high product quality. With low working voltage of 1.2V, the DDR4-2666 RAM can effectively decrease power consumption to enable stable operations and longer lifespan.

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Product Specifications:   

- KINGMAX DDR4 2666 MHz Desktop Memory Module
• Frequency: 2666MHz
• Pin: 288-Pin
• Bandwidth: 21.3GB/s
• CAS Latency: CL=19
• Voltage (VDD): 1.2V
• Capacity: 4GB/ 8GB / 16GB/ 4GBx2 / 8GBx2 / 16GBx2

- KINGMAX DDR4 2666 MHz Laptop Memory Module
• Frequency: 2666MHz
• Pin: 260-Pin
• Bandwidth: 21.3GB/s
• CAS Latency: CL=19
• Voltage (VDD): 1.2V
• Capacity: 4GB / 8GB / 16GB

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