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Monday, September 18, 2017

Learn, Discover and Innovate at NVIDIA AI Conference

NVIDIA is organising its first AI-focused regional conference in Singapore in October. The NVIDIA AI Conference will highlight how a new computing model using graphics processing unit (GPU) deep learning can transform the world.
The two-day event will be held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, starting with a Deep Learning Institute (DLI) workshop on October 23, followed by a full-day of keynote addresses by renowned speakers, panel discussion and three tracks on smart cities, industry and research and development on October 24.

It is targeted at data scientists and senior decision makers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in both public and private sectors.

“Singapore is aiming to be the world’s first smart nation and AI is playing a critical role. NVIDIA is well positioned to help drive the government’s Smart Nation initiative with the development of solutions based on AI. Our GPUs are making headlines across the world by enabling many breakthroughs in various industries using deep learning,” said Raymond Teh, vice president of APAC sales and marketing, NVIDIA.

At the Singapore DLI workshops, participants will receive valuable hands-on training on deep learning for scene description generation and healthcare.

Renowned speakers
The keynote speakers include Dr David B Kirk, NVIDIA Fellow and Dr Wanli Min, chief AI scientist of Alibaba Group.

Dr Kirk as NVIDIA’s chief scientist from from 1997 to 2009, a role in which he led the development of graphics technology for today’s most popular consumer entertainment platforms. He has invented more than 60 patents and patent applications relating to graphics design and published more than 50 articles on graphics technology. He holds Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Masters of Science and PhD degrees in computer science from California Institute of Technology.

Dr Min received his PhD in statistics from The University of Chicago. He has held research positions at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, IBM Singapore and Google. In 2013, he joined Alibaba Group as director of data science. Currently, he serves as chief AI scientist of Alibaba Cloud and general manager of big data business. He has been leading the development of Alibaba AI solutions of ET City Brain, ET Industry Brain, ET Medical Brain, and ET Environment Brain.

Three tracks
Participants can choose from three thematic tracks to learn from experts in AI as well as hear how early-stage companies and startups create innovations:
- AI for Smart Cities: AI technology helps to improve urban life and tackle challenges such as congestion, overcrowding, population aging, and pollution. It enables powerful intelligent video analytics that can turn pixels into public safety and smart city solutions.
- AI for Industry: AI is used in many industries. Hear how AI is used in finance, healthcare, retail and other industries. Discover how companies are leveraging GPUs to process, analyse, visualise, and unleash the power of AI to transform their digital business into an AI enterprise.
- AI for Research: AI is empowering cutting edge research with exciting and promising advancements in the deep learning space.

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