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Sunday, December 25, 2016

AirQ Check Mobile Health Device (Air Quality Monitor) Leave TVOC with No Escape

People are paying increasing attention to their health and the intake of natural, toxin-free, organic food. To stay healthy, many people are willing to spend a little more on organic food. But in addition to healthy and safe food, breathing healthy air deserves our attention too! Harmful Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) lurks in every corner of our homes. Even many products we use daily around the house, such as skin care products, cosmetics, styling gels, and cleaning agents may also contain high concentrations of VOCs. The harm from long-term exposure to these should not be underestimated. Especially pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those suffering from respiratory or heart diseases, are especially vulnerable to poisoning by indoor air pollution, and they should pay extra attention to the quality of the air around them and stay away from contaminated air as much as possible.
The most common indoor air pollution stems from housing decorations and remodeling, which may release VOCs from paint, adhesives, wood, plywood and other materials. As most people are not quite aware of these sources of indoor air pollution, people may move in too early when the harmful TVOC have not yet been removed by ventilation, and may experience physical discomfort as a result. To leave TVOC no escape, the KINGMAX team checked a new home using the “AirQ Check - TVOC Mobile Health Device” The test found that the tailor-made wooden cabinets emitted TVOC concentrations greater than 1000 ppb, while the system cabinets released 200-400 ppb. Thus when remodeling one’s home, it is worthwhile to pay close attention to changes in the concentration of harmful gases, and take precautionary measures until these volatile gases have sufficiently dissipated. If you also want to monitor and control the concentration of TVOC in your home, then the “AirQ Check - TVOC Mobile Health Device” (air quality monitor) offers a quick and easy way. It enables you to instantly monitor TVOC in your indoor environment, and take measures to eliminate any indoor air pollution you may find!

The “AirQ Check - TVOC Mobile Health Device” has won the 2016 Golden Pin Design Award. It uses the latest MEMS semiconductor technology to ensure reliable test values. In addition to the international CE and FCC certifications, it has also been verified by the European Gases Laboratory. The AirQ Check can replace the human nose to assess air quality. In less than 30 seconds it can easily detect TVOC (volatile harmful gases), CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature and humidity. Without advance charging, it’s simply Plug and Play. A history function offers you even more insight into your home’s air quality! AirQ Check is easy to use and lightweight. It weighs only 10.5g and is even lighter than conventional memory sticks. It allows you to monitor the concentration of TVOC around you wherever you are and to replace products that emit high concentrations of VOCs. A big leap forward to a healthy and toxin-free life! 

The AirQ Check is now available in many countries. For local distributor information, please contact via mail:

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. KINGMAX - Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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