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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apacer launches smallest notebook power bank B222 and B221

Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
Apacer launches the world’s smallest notebook power bank B222 and the super mini pocket power bank B221

While mobile devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and notebooks, have become part of the modern life, an uninterrupted mobile power supply has become an emerging issue! The brand new B222 and B221 power banks from Apacer enable users to bid farewell to power outage for mobile devices to enjoy a true mobile life! Both the B222 and B221 emphasize compactness, lightweight, and multiple safeguards, and the B222 featuring, super high capacity up to 11400mAh and maximum output at 19V 3.42A, is the world’s smallest notebook power bank to realize “zero outage” mobile life!

Surveys found that people across the world spend about 142 minutes on-line each day, and the length is increasing every year. The longer the time they spend on-line, the more the demand for adequate power supply. Apacer launches brand new power banks to provide the best solutions of “uninterrupted power supply” for mobile business and heavy mobile device users: the compact and lightweight B221 and the super power-full B222 supporting notebook charging.
Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
B222 The world’s smallest notebook power bank with multiple safeguards
As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 is offered in 11400mAh, with maximum output up to 19V 3.42A to effectively extend notebook durability for businesspersons traveling everywhere to demonstrate expertise without worrying about power outages, to provide the optimal power rescue solution in emergencies!

The B222 radiates the aurora of self-confidence in its black matte, anti-fingerprint finish design demonstrating professionalism and earnestness wedge body with a round edge. Made with high quality, high energy density LG battery cell for light electric vehicles, the B222 supplies power at high voltage and high current with multiple safeguards, including short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and charge/discharge overheat protection.

As the world’s smallest notebook power bank, the B222 also supports smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, and game consoles and can fully re-charge a smartphone four times. Compact and elaborate in appearance, the B222 designed for both bag and pocket carrying ensures your mobile devices be “in charge” at all times and is suitable for both heavy users of mobiles and tablets and gamers. When travelling abroad, the B222 charging your digital camera and Wireless AP allows you to check in and show your public display of affection all day long to ensure your memories of happiness never end!
Apacer B222 and B221 Power Banks
B221 Extra value with premium Samsung batteries and compact design
Although the B221 is a super mini pocket power bank, it offers a capacity of 6000mAh to support a smartphone and a tablet for one whole day! Made with premium Samsung batteries, the B221 delivers perfect stability and durability and is equipped with dual USB outputs up to 3.5A for quick charge to fulfill extra-value mobile experience.

Measuring only 8.32 x4.6 x 2.68cm and 130g, the B221 fits into any shirt pocket or backpack for users to carry it anywhere, anytime. In a simplistic style, the B221 has a novel embedded power button design and smooth contour which enhances grip feelings and storage convenience. It is offered in Armani black and Tiffany blue to correspond to the longing for free mobile life of users!

Both super mini pocket power bank B221 and the world’s smallest notebook power bank B222 have passed CE, FCC and UL certification to ensure product safety for users to charge their mobile devices without worries.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. Apacer - Info / Logos / Photos / Images has respective copyrights.

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