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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ViewSonic launches new brighter and smarter LightStream Projector Line

ViewSonic Corp. introduces the whole new LightStream™ Series – multimedia projectors offering exceptional audio and visual features to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized business and consumers from presentation. ViewSonic brings the exclusive SonicExpert technology and built-in ViewSonic SonicMode sound system to deliver higher volume and the absolute best-in-class sound for premium audio experience. The exclusive SuperColor™ technology offers a wider color range for true-to-life image projection. Moreover, the series comes in an elegant glossy design with state-of-the-art ergonomic features provide the ultimate in style and productivity.
ViewSonic LightStream Projector Line
Following a groundbreaking proprietary speaker transducer and chamber re-design, LightStream projectors deliver full-range sound 20Hz – 20KHz for presentations or off-the-clock home entertainment. The compact speakers take pride in quality sound with best-fit Sound Response Curve, and high efficiency of transferring electric power to sound power. The 2-watt speakers are powerful enough to fill you meeting room with wall-to-wall sound – an improvement over the speakers of competing products in the same class. The advanced PJD6 series projectors also come with ViewSonic’s SonicMode presets to deliver optimized audio performance for different applications. There are three different models. The “Standard” preset offers the best sound levels for general use. The “Speech” preset enhances the sound of spoken words, making it ideal for projecting speeches and lectures, or for sales calls and video conferencing. The “Entertainment” preset is fine-tuned with more bass and richer mid-high frequencies ideal for music and movies.
ViewSonic LightStream Projector Line
ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor Technology offers a wider color range than conventional DLP® projectors, ensuring that users enjoy realistic and accurate colors. With an exclusive color wheel design and dynamic lamp control capabilities, SuperColor Technology projects images with reliable and true-to-life color performance, in both bright and dark environments, without sacrificing image quality. Striking an ideal balance, ViewSonic’s SuperColor 6-Segment Color Wheel decreases the white segment that may cause washed out images, while increasing the yellow and cyan segments – for images that are both exceptionally bright and well-saturated.

Providing 5 pre-set color modes, users can choose the best one to suit their material. These 5 modes are: Brightest Mode for environments where extra-high brightness is required; Dynamic Mode for presentations with a lot of text; Standard Mode for matching PC or notebook color; ViewMatch Mode for general viewing; Movie Mode for watching movies with better saturation in a dark environments.
ViewSonic LightStream Projector Line

The whole new ViewSonic LightStream series come with an impressive style combined with an intuitive interface, a sleek rear cover and hidden compartments for a seamless, clean profile. LightStream projectors are easily identified by their unique dot texture and hair-line surfaces, while the brushed pattern prevents fingerprints and scratches. This clean, modern projector design is a nice addition to any sophisticated atmosphere. All new LightStream projectors feature an intuitive remote design that ensures simple and reliable operation. The new remote features a unique “My Button” control that configures to a user’s or installer’s preferred setting with one simple click. The user-friendly remote also accepts multiple codes so an installer has the flexibility to operate up to eight projectors in the same room with a single remote.
ViewSonic LightStream Projector Line

Equipped with a 1.3x optical zoom lens, the projectors provide mounting flexibility with a wider throw distance range. With a 1.5 shorter throw ratio, this lens can also project large images from short distances in small rooms. To enjoy wireless high-definition multimedia in any meeting room or classroom, all LightStream PJD6 projectors include ViewSonic’s exclusive PortAll feature—a hidden compartment with an integrated and secure MHL/HDMI port that lets you discretely stream multimedia content from a wireless dongle, or lets you connect to other devices via an HDMI cable. The LightStream projectors can be converted into smart displays by streaming multimedia such as presentations, movies, music, and games from Smartphones or tablet PCs. Smartphone users can play Full HD 1080p videos on a large 100” screen while simultaneously charging their phones.
ViewSonic LightStream Projector Line

“Our new generation of LightStream projectors demonstrates ViewSonic’s continued dedication to lead the visual display industry with innovative and feature-rich digital projectors that range from affordable entry-level to advanced projection solutions,” said Max Hsu, PM Director for ViewSonic Asia Pacific. “ViewSonic LightStream series features a stylish design, exclusive audio-visual technologies to deliver excellent color and more brightness than ever possible in this class of projector. ViewSonic will expand the LightStream series with more innovative design and embedded smart functions in second half of 2015 to suit every need.”

The new LightStream PJD5 series of projectors including the PJD5153, PJD5253, PJD5255, and PJD5555w are alreaday available in the market. The PJD6352 from LightStream PJD6 Networkable series will be available in June 2015.

For more information about the product(s), please visit the ViewSonic website (click here)

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