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Thursday, November 6, 2014

KINGMAX: Nano Gaming RAM for high-performance

Being an integral component of PC systems today, DRAM modules are installed on motherboards most of the time and their existence is perceived by “performance.” While some DRAM modules come with cool and trendy looking heat sinks, these fancy parts only deliver limited heat dissipation results that are more noticeable on systems running at over 2000 MHz. But as the temperature of the working environment increases, heat sinks could absorb heat and cause a system crashed. You may ask yourself then is: “What is the point of installing all those cool-looking heat sinks on DRAM modules?” One thing is for certain: heat sinks don’t just grow on trees and users are the ones paying for them.
Nano Gaming RAM uses high-performance, nano-grade compound as a thermal paste to rapidly remove heat from the surface of IC dies. The product is a light-weight alternative that offers superior cooling performance compared to typical heat sinks. Laboratory tests reveal that memory modules with traditional heat sinks can go up to 45~50°C in working temperature when overclocked. In contrast, memory modules with nano-cooling technologies deliver significantly better cooling results at working a temperature of 39±1°C. The fact is, Nano Gaming RAM’s heat sink free design is an eco-friendly concept that cuts down on the consumption of resources. With lead-free production and manufacturing, Nano Gaming Ram is truly a product created for environmental protection. The latest generation of Nano Gaming RAM even comes with the option of data rate selection (1600/ 1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2800/ 3000/ 3200MHz) to provide enhanced performance and even higher speed!

Intel’s launch of the Haswell-E processor platform that supports DDR4 only meant that starting from the second half of 2014, manufacturers of memory modules would vie for dominance in the DDR4 market. KINGMAX has taken the head start by launching products of four different data rates (1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 3200MHz) across a variety of formats including UDIMM, RDIMM, SO-DIMM, ECC UDIMM, VLP RDIMM and so forth. Although DDR4 memories are not downward compatible with DDR2 and DDR3 modules, they offer a significant advantage over DDR3 memories. With high clock frequency, DDR4 delivers a faster transmission rate; high performance with low-power consumption and low latency reflects the product’s eco-friendly features. Coupled with FBGA packaged memory die, the capacity of the memory module has also been increased from 4GB to 16GB to better accommodate consumers’ needs.

As a responsible memory product manufacturer, KINGMAX not only makes it a point to deliver outstanding products to consumers but has also taken relevant measures to ensure green production for reduced carbon emission. Here’s a thought: when choosing your DRAM module, in addition to performance, why not take a moment to consider the potential impact of your chosen product on the environment? Be friendly to the planet and make your life better!

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

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