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Monday, August 18, 2014

KINGMAX Mobile Solution for Smartphones - PJ-02, PJ-03, KEBG-005 and MySelfie

The functions of smartphones are advancing rapidly and APPs can be downloaded for the insufficiencies; just like small computers, they are very convenient! However, there are some small situations where the smartphone alone cannot satisfy the user; it would be great if there were some small accessories that could be used with the smartphones.

What can be done for poor network signals?
Do you only play mobile games to kill time when there is poor network signal and you cannot access the data you saved in the cloud? KINGMAX released the OTG series products to eliminate these situations and allow smartphones to use plugins! The PJ-02 dual-interface flash drive and the PJ-03 dual-interface card reader are both equipped with standard USB and MicroUSB interfaces simultaneously so that files edited and saved on desktops and notebooks can also be browsed and edited on smartphones and tablets. It’s very convenient to be able to access files on different host devices.
KINGMAX PJ-02 and PJ-03

It doesn’t feel safe to upload private and important data onto cloud spaces, so it would be great if you have a storage device in your hand! The PJ-02 and PJ-03 are very compact, lightweight, and don’t take up much space; you can carry it in your bag so you can check your important data at any time so you won’t waste any time.

What can you do if you cannot find a place to charge your devices when needed?
Since the screen of smartphones and tablets are getting finer and finer and the devices have more and more functions. The time that these devices “on” are also getting longer, but power is getting consumed. What can you do when you realized that your device is almost out of energy, but you suddenly couldn’t find a place to charge it? A power bank would be the best solution in times like these!

It is frequently heard that people worry about the safety of power banks. Who would want an explosion just from charging a device? The safety certification is what you must check when purchasing a power bank! The power bank KEBG-005 by KINGMAX has multiple safety protection designs, and it is certified by the most rigorous international standards; KINGMAX also got product trust insurance for the KEBG-005 so that they can provide consumers with the best and safest guarantee for usage.

KEBG-005 has two USB outputs; the 10,000mAh (3.7V) battery capacity can charge two devices simultaneously. It will detect when charging is complete, and cut off the power supply automatically so that users won’t worry about over-charging their devices; this is a very smart and thoughtful design. It has a sporty rounded design with two bright colors, white and yellow, to render vitality, plus it has a size that can easily be grasped in one hand; users will love it at first sight!

Always using the same angle when taking selfies?
People love to upload beautiful selfies when they are beautifully dressed! But did you realize after a while that all of your selfies were taken from above with a 45 degree angle in order to make your face look smaller? Don’t they just look dull and boring? Don’t worry! Once you have the smartphone remote control, “MySelfie”, you no longer have to worry about selfie angles. MySelfie can be 100% paired with the iPhone, and of course it can also be easily paired with other popular Android smartphones such as Samsung, etc.

Once the smartphone and MySelfie are connected by bluetooth, you can easily capture any pose you like with the remote in your hand! Whether it’s a charming picture showing your long and beautiful legs, or taking a picture of you with beautiful sceneries from a distance, these can easily be accomplished! Doesn’t someone always leave out when you want to take a group picture but you didn’t have a tripod? By pressing the shutter on MySelfie, everybody can be happily in the picture. Images with all of you jumping or laughing can be captured and allowing the shared memories in that instant to become eternity.

For more product information, please visit their official website: (click here)

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. KINGMAX Info / Logos / Photos / Images has respective copyrights.

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