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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Apacer showcases innovative tech brands at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014

Computex Taipei 2014 (June 3rd) – Apacer (TAIEX 8271), again participates in this year’s show and showcases a diverse range of innovative applications covering three major fields—embedded, overclocking, and consumer products. Apacer demonstrates its strength as a leader in the industrial control market, as well as the fruitful results of its active deployment in cloud and mobile applications. Furthermore, Apacer strives to create the best user experience through three scenarios: "Best Protection & Solution, "Best Smart Life", and "Best Gaming Performance." Its five industry-leading innovative applications, such as fully upgraded SSD data security protection technologies, the debuting Apacer Cloud (personal cloud drive) that combines cloud applications and community sharing, and the AS710 dual-interface SSD for high-speed transmission, make Apacer a focus of Computex Taipei 2014.

According to Gartner’s top ten strategic technology trends in 2014, the era of mobile device diversity, the internet of everything, and personal cloud will arrive within the next three years, which shows that mobile devices, cloud computing, social network, and convergence of information will experience tremendous growth and development. Apacer believes that these trends will continue to propel market growth, and simultaneously trigger transition in the memory market. “Through its ‘Access the best experience’ philosophy, Apacer will focus on providing the best user experience, which is the foundation of the brand’s promotion this year. Apacer is already offering products, applications, and services that completely enhance user experience, and continues to develop diverse related applications by combining technology trends such as cloud applications and mobile devices. This year, Apacer showcases five industry-leading innovative products, putting Apacer’s strength as a leader in information security technologies, cloud storage applications, and gaming on full display.” said CK Chang, General Manager, Apacer.

Through three experience —Best Protection & Solution, Best Smart Life, and Best Gaming Performance—Apacer creates the best user experience at the Computex Taipei 2014:
Best Protection & Solution: Upgraded Apacer SSD Value-Added Technology - Ensuring Complete Information Security
According to the joint study by IDC and National University of Singapore, companies in the Asia-Pacific region invest an estimated 170 billion to cope with information leakage and USD 59 billion on information security. To provide clients the most complete protection, Apacer continues to develop innovative information protection technologies, introducing the industry-leading Boot Protection security function, which can manage data security in multiple partitions and monitor users through different Access Codes, ensuring protection at the frontline. Apacer’s very own UrKey two-way dongle can be used as a key; simply plug different UrKey into the designated USB slot to immediately activate information protection to different security level. It enhances comprehensive protection and helps business clients to easily respond to any kind of information security issues.

At the booth, Apacer also exhibits its seamless wide-temp waterproof industrial SSDs frozen in an ice brick, which is equipped with SSD protection technology that can be fully customized. In addition to being waterproof, anti-moisture, dust proof, and corrosion prevention, the SSD will function normally in sub-zero climates to meet the needs of military, aerospace, and national defense industries, exhibiting strongest protection from the inside out.

Best Smart Life: Unveiling Apacer Cloud, the First Cloud Storage Product – Immediately Activate Smart Living on Cloud
With smart mobile devices, social network, and cloud applications becoming more widespread, there are tens of thousands of files being shared online every day. Information security and privacy issues are becoming the greatest concerns of the future. Apacer, with its rich experience in digital storage and information security, will introduce Apacer Cloud to the world for the first time at the show. The cloud storage product provides personal cloud storage combined with the community sharing function, so users can use mobile devices or computer to transfer files to personal cloud storage anytime anywhere. Apacer is committed to user experience with the best security and greatest convenience.
With the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaching, Apacer specially launches the AH174 OTG (On-The-Go) “Football” Mobile Flash Drive. Featuring eye-catching colors of blue, green, and red, and the shape of a soccer ball, this is definitely a classic collectable for all football fans! Together with FileBridge app, consumers can lay back and enjoy the convenience of mobile device interconnection and data transmission. Innovative application thus is available from cloud to the user-end, embedding into consumers’ daily life, allowing them to enjoy wonderful smart life.

To provide consumers with a more comprehensive experience, Apacer is also launching Bluetooth Speaker and Power speaker with Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that can directly connect with smart mobile devices. Paired with an exclusive music app, consumers can play their favorite music anytime anywhere. Also, Power Speaker can be wirelessly charged while playing music so that consumers can fully enjoy the audio experience free of any worry.
Best Gaming Performance: Apacer Military Weapons Overclocking Series – Giving Gamers High-Speed Thrills
AS710 SSD, the first in the market to come with SATA III and USB 3.0 dual-interfaces, provides high-speed transmission and allows overclockers to experience smooth performance and blur-free visual experience during the game, answering their needs as they strive to achieve new records. To further fulfill professional players’ need for speed and meet their unique taste, Apacer launches DDR4 overclocking memory modules using “military weapons” as the design concept. The new products not only creates outstanding performances, they will also grab every one’s attention with hunting knife and firearm designs, completely meeting professional players’ demands for performance and fashion. Focusing on the overclocking market, Apacer joins forces with motherboard giants Asus, Gigabyte, and ASRock to display the DDR3 product line at the booth, shooting for the top speed at the show!

For more information about the product(s), please visit the Apacer website (click here).

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source. Apacer Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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