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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretentious Game, Pinoy made game that can steal your heart away

Do you enjoy reading love stories? If you do, do you want it put into a game that can make you think and then without realizing it, you already hook up within the story. And that’s.

What’s about Pretentious Game?
The pinoy made mobile game app - Pretentious Game, a platformer full of poetry and has the elements of clever, intriguing, touching and a powerful story about love. The story goes as you explore the sense of loss and rediscovery of the other.  Between each platform and each riddles, many levels of understanding are possible. Pretentious game features many satisfying aspects that should delight the fans of indie games.

Pretentious Game

Pretentious Game

Pretentious Game

Keybol Games


The game designed and developed by Keybol Games (lead by the Filipino Indie Game Developer Bari Silvestre) and BulkyPix. The game was released in December 5, and already awarded or nominated for a lot of prizes, including the Director’s Choice Award at the San Francisco's Casual Connect 2013. Pretentious Game is also nominated at the Independant Game Festival (IGF) 2014. The game app has topped charts in over 30 countries including UK, and has over 350,000+ downloads for iOS and Android since release.

Pretentious game trailer by Bari Silvestre

A tale about love,transcendence and pursuit of happiness
A powerful narrative through clever puzzles
Innovative gameplay at each level that suits the story
A journey driven by the enchanting music of Erik Satie

Director’s Choice Award at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
Best Story nominee at Casual Connect San Francisco 2013
Independent Games Festival Nominee 2014

This app is free for first chapter, and the rest of the game cost $0.99 via in-app purchase. Available via Android and iOS.

Disclosure: Android, iOS, Pretentious Game, Keybol Games, BulkyPix – App / Info / Logo / Images / Pictures have a respective copyright. We used it for demonstration purpose only.)


  1. Simple and unique i love the game! Mabuhay ang mga pinoy game devs!

  2. so good i almost cry. (hahah just kidding). its a simple block and puzzling game with a love story in every jump.

  3. a catchy game and romantic story too... better let you GF played this. they will sure loved this.

  4. its a romantic and simple game for you to enjoy. greate job for the filipino developer.

  5. this game has true sense of poetic romance, well executed gaming design than most other modern games out there. simple and effective to masses.

  6. nice game, simple and nice!


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