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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Find the Perfect Internet Bundle for You

Virtually every person on the planet and their grandma is connected on the Internet, but not everybody will need the same kind of services. There’s more to unlimited Internet than just speed, and there are as many types of Internet subscriptions as there are types of users. To maximize your budget, you’ll need to figure out what kind of user you are, and so determine what kind of services you need.
Internet Bundle

Unlimited Internet with cable or landline subscription

If you’re the typical family with two kids in school and both parents working, you’re probably using the Internet from afternoon till night. The kids are probably online, researching for homework or, let’s face it, making fun of someone on Facebook or trolling someone on Youtube. You may want to check email and Facebook while watching your favorite cable TV show.

What you’ll need is an unlimited Internet connection with decent browsing speed bundled with a cable subscription.

Skycable’s Silver Skybundle Package comes with 1.5Mbps unlimited Internet for a monthly fee of PhP1,746.

Alternatively, you can get the Gold Skybundle Package for the same speed but with a more comprehensive channel lineup, for a monthly fee of PhP1,944. You can view the complete list of channels here.

Additionally, these packages come with SkyVoice, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that lets you make calls to 21 countries for only PhP0.44 to PhP0.80 per minute.

Let’s say you have an infant that you leave at home with a babysitter or housekeeper. You’ll want to have a landline in place so you can reach them at anytime.

PLDT offers 2 Mbps unlimited Internet plus a landline for a monthly fee of PhP1,299.

Hi-speed unlimited Internet

Maybe you’re into online games like Call of Duty or you’re a professional blogger or online seller who spends most of his professional time online. Your speed requirements will be much higher. I mean, you don’t want your CoD foes clobbering you online and have you blame everything on lag. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on a client or sale because of a slow connection.

Skybundle Silver or Gold offers a speed of 3Mbps unlimited Internet for PhP2,746 or PhP2,944 per month respectively, so you can enjoy fast browsing with your favorite cable shows. These also come with SkyVoice, so now you don’t have an excuse for calling grandma and explaining why you still haven’t accepted her friend request. This is also a good speed if you regularly stream content or download movies.

Mobile professional

What if you’re always on the go and need an Internet connection while you’re on the road? Let’s say you’re a reporter who gets sent to cover stories in different places, or you just travel all the time for your job. Maybe you just like checking in with your friends online while you’re stuck in traffic. There’s an appropriate bundle for that.

Globe Tattoo’s 4G Mobile WiFi provides speeds of up to 12 Mbps and lets you connect up to 10 devices for a monthly fee of PhP1,995.

Why not be a daredevil (or a show-off) and go all the way? The Globe Tattoo LTE Prepaid Mobile WiFi + Powerbank lets you surf at “breakneck speeds” (their words) of up to 42 Mpbs. It also lets you connect up to 10 devices and even fully charge your phone.

Smart, Globe’s fiercest rival, also has offers worth checking out, of course, with similar plans at competitive prices.

Cover all your bases

There are a lot more plans to choose from, but whatever you do, make sure to explore all your options. Many of these services will offer 10-15 trial days before you commit to the typical 24-month lock-in period. Don’t be shy about asking questions: it’s your hard-earned money you’ll be parting with, after all. You deserve a match made in Internet heaven.

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  1. nice niche, thank you for putting this up. Smart mobile internet is a good choice for person who is on the go.

  2. its a bulls eye! I'm a PLDT internet subscriber and frankly saying they never let me down on their service.

  3. Bakit hindi nasabi dyan yung bayantel... ok naman dito sa sa QC area ang bayantel... hahaha.... (not all area pala)


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