Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wireless Switch Genie is next generation wall switch timer

The new SwitchGenie version  will use the same patented technology but will have an improved internal control panel; slimmer design to fit onto any standard single, double or triple switch plate.  This new version will have all of the current product features such as:

*simple key-tap programming
*daily, weekly or multiple-day program options.
*installs in less than one minute without the need of an electrician.
 *not affected by power failures.

Old version of Switch Genie is called Autochron and is very successful product (Watch the Youtube Video - click here)

Warranted for 5 years, the SwitchGenie will save energy and money as well as providing peace of mind for that added home security.  Avoid those predictable “timer-controlled looks” that may tell would be intruders that your home is unattended. The SwitchGenie will be available for sale in the US and Canada beginning in September of 2014 and will be target priced at under $40.00 USD. SWE, Inc., a California based corporation, is a worldwide distributor of innovative products for the home and automotive.

For more information about the product, please visit the Indiegogo campaign website - SwitchGenie (click here).

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  1. i've just watch the video, maybe i can make one of this in my house. lol


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